A Surprising GDC Winner, Battlefield 3 and the New Xbox Controller. | Zoopy

A surprising GDC winner, Battlefield 3 and the new Xbox Controller. This weeks gaming news wrap up in 90 seconds

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vrylstminute2756d ago

I want one of those controller! GIEF!

Also; good job DD for beating Minecraft in any category... :)

granthinds2756d ago

Ye beating MINECRAFT was a pretty big deal. Super super impressed.

GavinMannion2756d ago

So glad Desktop Dungeons won...

granthinds2756d ago

Ye, a pretty big moment for the South African gaming industry!

ianfelmore2756d ago

Big up to the boys! DD FTW!

tinman2756d ago

Grant looks buff in that shirt xD

granthinds2756d ago

I think it's the "Hullooo ladies" intro ;) Works wonders for your physique.

kelvinmanley2756d ago

this new controller seems to be making the rounds but hasn't it been around for quite a while now?

granthinds2756d ago

Nope, released today in SA.

limewax2755d ago

I may get disagress but Im going for it anyway. Another controller??! Go make games please!



Not from me. MS should fix D-Pad, make it the standard controller from now on and be done with it, not glorify a limited new color and tons of marketing... This controller is supposed to be limited, that's pure BS considering the only reason anyone is paying attention to this is bacause current D-Pad is useless.

dirthurts2755d ago

Those controllers have been in my local best buy for over a month now...???

INehalemEXI2756d ago

That controller looks like crap, B3 looks sweet though.

PS3Blog2755d ago

They finally copied Playstation controller for the dpad :P

maxcer2755d ago

now all sony has to do is copy everything else about the 360 controller and i'll finally have a decent controller for my ps3

specialguest2755d ago (Edited 2755d ago )

Looks nothing like the PS dpad. If anything, it looks closer to SNES.


Ooh Burn!

plb2756d ago

Bf3 is bringing sexy back to PC.

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