Dynasty Warriors 7 Gameplay Video Revealed

Tecmo Koei Europe has today revealed an all-new English language trailer for Dynasty Warriors 7, featuring in-game action. Dynasty Warriors 7 is set for release on Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 simultaneously early next month.

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christheredhead2841d ago

its been forever since ive played a dynasty warriors game so i might actually pick this up. looks kinda fun.

InfiniteJustice2841d ago

The musou attacks are improved beyond all expectations. Now they actually show you the personality of a character rather than just being a super-combo of moves you can already do.

Army_of_Darkness2841d ago

I'm not sure but, I kinda notice how each character was able to switch from 2 weapons?!?

InfiniteJustice2841d ago

Yeah each character can equip any 2 weapons and switch between at will : )

Andreas-Sword2841d ago

I think also, the new musou-attacks looks pretty nice.
Dynasty Warriors 7 is DAY 1 BUY for me!

slinky1234562841d ago

The ai in dynasty warriors will never improve will it?

AhmadCentral2841d ago

The promo videos are always played on easy mode with the characters on Max Stats. This allows KOEI to showcase how powerful the characters are.

Playing the game on Hard or Chaos mode is much harder, the AI attack more etc... But i do have to agree that the AI is very dumb on easy.

Aysir2841d ago

If the AI changed, it wouldn't be Dynasty Warriors. Having said that, I'd like the high damage levels and for the generals to be as hard as they were in DW3.
The combo system looks back to normal now too - hated DW6's attempt to shuffle it up and make it more 'accessible'. Nice attention to detail to - Xiahou Dun has both his eyes in the early campaigns :)

Lou Ferrigno2841d ago

Looks pretty gnar gnar if you ask me... No matter what i love me some Dynasty warriors.. super fun... ESPECIALLY with a friend :)-
i think i will be picking this one up fasho!

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