Why I Stopped Playing The 3DS In 3D

Kotaku: Tomorrow will mark my one week anniversary of owning a Nintendo 3DS. I'm happy with the handheld — it's a peach. However, six days in, and I've already ditched the 3D. I loathe it, and it's a feature I can do without.

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StbI9902818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Because direct to the EYE 3D aka glassless is a rip off to the eyes, if shutter 3D was bad, I imagine 3D w/o glasses, I mean, shutter glasses make things easier for the eyes to process so we wouldn't feel that tad tired off so fast, but dud without them? good luck ripping your eyes for the short run.

A true total rip off, the tech is not yet there nintendo, but wishing you the best.