Battlefield 3: Mind-Blowing Day/Night Transmission Screenshots

Check out some brandnew day/night transmission screenshots of Battlefield 3.

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hay1887d ago

I'm myself a programmer, beginner indie game dev and tech junkie, lighting in Frostbite 2.0 is a state of art and procedural animations are fantastic IMO.
"Procedural" keyword is a proper road to follow theese days in game development. It can make wonders properly implemented.

inveni01887d ago

Procedural content generation is the holy grail of game development. Imagine a GTA game where you have no limits on travel--the game world is generated on the fly. Want to enter that building? Go for it. The interiors of buildings are all available because they are generated on the fly.

The replayability of something like this would be mind blowing.

il-mouzer1887d ago

The only problem with procedural content generation is that it lacks the artistic flair a 3d artist will put in his designs.

teething1887d ago

day/night transmission? Manual or automatic?

More like "Day/Night Transition..."

Quality much?

humbleopinion1887d ago

Just Cause 2 already has procedural map generation, and Uncharted 2 uses procedural animations (just two examples)

Lich1201887d ago (Edited 1887d ago )

Guys! Don't click the link! I just got Day/Night from the site. Transmitted it right to me. Time to go get some antibiotics...

But in seriousness, very cool stuff. And I agree with il-mouzer that I prefer hand crafted content. Not to mention that for procedurally generated stuff there's a limit on it so long as once the content is generated it is persistent, since you will eventually run out of memory to store your procedural creation. Im not saying it isn't great stuff though.

Edit: Awesome name thrillhouse lol.

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Apollyn1887d ago

Please turn from day/ night in multiplayer....

sickbird1887d ago

thats what i was thinking, how awesome would it be to have a game start in the day time and end at night? super awesome IMO. You would have to change you tactics depending on time of day.

Ninver1887d ago

still waiting for actual gameplay videos. Hope this turns out good.

Munky1887d ago

The dog at 1:07 is so dead when I get my hands on this game.

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blumatt1887d ago

I can't wait for Battlefield 3!! The first Battlefield game I ever played was Bad Company 1 and then I bought Bad Company 2 awhile back. It's miles ahead of the CoD series! The realism is welcomed. I love how the bullets actually drop with distance, unlike CoD.

Battlefield 3 will be one of the few multiplats I buy this year. I only buy quality games, which usually consist of Sony exclusives, but a few multiplats make the cut like Battlefield.

chak_1887d ago

day/night cycle? could it be possible?

oh my

IaMs121887d ago

Oh man put a whole new twist to online multiplayer every 10-15 minutes it gets dark/light

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