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Battlefield 3: Mind-Blowing Day/Night Transmission Screenshots

Check out some brandnew day/night transmission screenshots of Battlefield 3. (Battlefield 3, Game Developers Conference, PC, PS3, Xbox 360)

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hay  +   1540d ago
I'm myself a programmer, beginner indie game dev and tech junkie, lighting in Frostbite 2.0 is a state of art and procedural animations are fantastic IMO.
"Procedural" keyword is a proper road to follow theese days in game development. It can make wonders properly implemented.
inveni0  +   1540d ago
Procedural content generation is the holy grail of game development. Imagine a GTA game where you have no limits on travel--the game world is generated on the fly. Want to enter that building? Go for it. The interiors of buildings are all available because they are generated on the fly.

The replayability of something like this would be mind blowing.
il-mouzer  +   1540d ago
The only problem with procedural content generation is that it lacks the artistic flair a 3d artist will put in his designs.
teething  +   1540d ago
day/night transmission? Manual or automatic?

More like "Day/Night Transition..."

Quality much?
humbleopinion  +   1539d ago
Just Cause 2 already has procedural map generation, and Uncharted 2 uses procedural animations (just two examples)
Lich120  +   1539d ago
Guys! Don't click the link! I just got Day/Night from the site. Transmitted it right to me. Time to go get some antibiotics...

But in seriousness, very cool stuff. And I agree with il-mouzer that I prefer hand crafted content. Not to mention that for procedurally generated stuff there's a limit on it so long as once the content is generated it is persistent, since you will eventually run out of memory to store your procedural creation. Im not saying it isn't great stuff though.

Edit: Awesome name thrillhouse lol.
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wwm0nkey  +   1540d ago
Dat smoke effect!
Apollyn  +   1540d ago
Please turn from day/ night in multiplayer....
sickbird  +   1539d ago
thats what i was thinking, how awesome would it be to have a game start in the day time and end at night? super awesome IMO. You would have to change you tactics depending on time of day.
Ninver  +   1540d ago
still waiting for actual gameplay videos. Hope this turns out good.
Thrillhouse  +   1540d ago
I'm guessing you haven't seen this: http://www.youtube.com/watc...
Munky  +   1540d ago
The dog at 1:07 is so dead when I get my hands on this game.
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blumatt  +   1539d ago
I can't wait for Battlefield 3!! The first Battlefield game I ever played was Bad Company 1 and then I bought Bad Company 2 awhile back. It's miles ahead of the CoD series! The realism is welcomed. I love how the bullets actually drop with distance, unlike CoD.

Battlefield 3 will be one of the few multiplats I buy this year. I only buy quality games, which usually consist of Sony exclusives, but a few multiplats make the cut like Battlefield.
AKA  +   1539d ago
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chak_  +   1540d ago
day/night cycle? could it be possible?

oh my
IaMs12  +   1540d ago
Oh man put a whole new twist to online multiplayer every 10-15 minutes it gets dark/light
Techlology  +   1540d ago
Hooooooly sh*t.
Undeadwolfy  +   1539d ago
EXACTLY what i was about to post. It looks so real. O_O
zeksta  +   1540d ago
Do the last two pictures resemble Karkand or is it just me? :)
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1540d ago
IT's about time I moved to PC gaming because after seeing that UE tech demo and this I just want to move on. This is the level of quality the consoles were supposed to produce which is why I was fooled in to buying a console.

I've literally been complaining all gen because unlike a lot of people I actually use 'MY EYES' to see the games I play and they all look garbage on consoles.

How can people not see all the bad textures and Jaggies? All the washed out graphics and uncanny animations? HOW!? People say games like Heavy Rain look good? LOOK GOOD!? did you play the game blind folded or what!?

At least during the PS2 day the graphics were consistent and UC2 is probably the bes looking console game I've played on the PS3.

I'm tired of all these bottle necks and it's time to experience true new generation quality games.
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The_Ultimate_Guy  +   1540d ago
I'm not sure how far back in gaming your experience takes you. But I remember playing as a kid on the Intellivision and Commador64. Each generation I was ecstatic to see and play the advancements as console gaming progressed. Heck I remember playing pong. So I can appreciate what consoles are giving this gen game wise.

I think your generation of gamers is a little too nit-picky. You can't appreciate how far gaming has come. The top tier games on consoles this gen look spectacular. I disagree with your comment

"How can people not see all the bad textures and Jaggies? All the washed out graphics and uncanny animations? HOW!? People say games like Heavy Rain look good? LOOK GOOD!? did you play the game blind folded or what!? "

Even so with jaggies and poor textures, the games look brilliant on consoles. Especially when console tech is already outdated and what you see in the Battlefield 3 trailers is on a high end PC rig. PC's can keep evolving if you have the money to evolve with it. Consoles are Old tech, and I appreciate everything developers do with that old tech to give me great games.
ULTIMATE_REVENGE  +   1540d ago
Actually I never nit picked about games in the past no matter how garbage they looked. This gen the bad side of graphics is too noticeable that it makes games almost unplayable for me.

I never had this problem with any past gaming systems.
The_Ultimate_Guy  +   1540d ago
I can respect that, but you can't argue that the games this gen do look better than the games last gen.

Well....except maybe some of the cars in GT5.
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Big_Dom  +   1540d ago
Spot on.

The other thing people forget is that even though it is older tech, it can often take a few years to get to grips with that tech and to take it to it's limit. This is the beauty of consoles and why they are so viable for developers. Every couple of years into a console's cycle, the PC releases a game the just so happens to look a full generation ahead of what the consoles can do. It's just now that GPU tech is becoming so complicated to work on, that this cycle is starting to become longer and longer with each passing generation. I usually build a new PC at such an apex, and my last build was now 5 years ago.
ATiElite  +   1540d ago
ULTIMATE_REVENGE is ready to step up!

if your ready to step up to PC gaming make sure you do it for the love of Strategy and tactics in games as well as having superior graphics with no limitations. Sure you can enjoy the crappy console ports on PC but the main attraction is playing PC specific games.

I understand you point of view. sure consoles have great games and great graphics but the PC is the only "true next gen" platform cause as soon as a new technique is made you can get it on the PC now not 2 console releases later.

if you make the step up then welcome to the club
Ingram  +   1540d ago
haha, as close as it gets to a cult.You're all so funny, I swear to god I imagine every one of you as Ming the Merciless.

You're just anxious about graphics post processing and performance, bordering OCD, that's all.

Lots of people have a nice gaming PC, yet don't rule out having a console.I wonder why that is?
There must be reasons...

By the way, will they change the title to "transitions" or what?
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Big_Dom  +   1540d ago
PC is only next gen when developers say it is. The PC has had the hardware for some time now, it's just that it's not that easy to pump millions into producing a game for that current tech that not a lot of people are going to afford. When top of the line PC hardware that has surpassed the consoles by at least a genaration becomes readily affordable and standard in most PC's to date, then that is usually the rule of thumb for devs to start pushing out new engines on the PC. Don't forget that the industry is a business and it's all about recognising the market and what is needed and what is viable. Look at Crysis back in 2007 for example. The engine was so advanced, that no GPU was currently available back then to max it out. What was the point in that, when only people who could afford a 2 grand monster PC could even get close to running it somewhere near what it was supposed to look like?

Anyway, I came here to remark on this engine, which is by far the best thing I've ever seen. That lighting is almost real. I mean, as close to the real world lighting as games will get for a while to come. It looks amazing.
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Caleb_141  +   1540d ago
Imagine how cool it would be if all of the maps in BF3 MP had an adjustable day/night cycle which could be set by the host... woah momma, that'd make games so much more intense if that was implemented.
Serinous  +   1540d ago
this is gonna be awesome
spektical  +   1540d ago
do all new copies of MOH have a battlefield 3 beta code?
crimsonguard  +   1540d ago
i like the idea of day,night transition in multiplayer, that would be sick, especially in clan battles, and does anyone know if there going to be clan support or anything of that nature in bf3. well at any rate im buying.
RXL  +   1540d ago
My mind has been officially blown..

*puts a candy cigarette in my mouth*

*exhales candy dust*
bwazy  +   1540d ago
Could you imagine that if it turned from day to night in multi-player? you'd have to adapt to your matches! Night vision goggles would be used, Infrared gadgets could be cherished, you could stealth like no other! Need to hide, but a streetlight makes you visible? Get your silenced weapon and shoot that baby out!

I'm beginning to think BF2: SF all over again! This fucking rocks!!!
CommanderShepard  +   1540d ago
Brix has been shat.
bobrea  +   1540d ago
Does the author mean to use the word transition?
Surfaced  +   1539d ago
Exactly my thoughts
barb_wire  +   1539d ago
I know it's only a small detail - but I'm loving the details on the weapons, that reflection on the scope sight is amazing.

I might just upgrade my PC now.
TABSF  +   1539d ago
Wow just like Crytek in 2007.

Must be PC version of Battlefield 3.
RustedMan  +   1539d ago
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ATiElite  +   1539d ago
"Can't Wait"
The night scene wasn't dark enough. Sorry I'm not being nit-picky but after playing the S.T.A.K.L.E.R. series with it's 24 hour day night cycle plus weather, the night time in BF3 wasn't dark enough.

STALKER is pitch black at night and even darker on a cloudy night and requires flashlights and night vision to get around (sorry no street lights in the Zone) plus real-time lighting effects and reflections from firing a weapon in the dark.

my point is i wonder will there be night vision in BF3. Breaching and clearing building at night is a adrenalin rush.
sp1deynut  +   1539d ago
I don't think it's possible...
....for videogamezone.de to suck any more than they already do. :o
palaeomerus  +   1539d ago
Hello Earthlings. We have picked up your day/night transmission and forwarded it to our top scientists! Rest assured that your transmission is important to us! Please stay on the line until an operator is available to assist you.
tawak  +   1539d ago
pc ver, with triple sli or crossfire
OGharryjoysticks  +   1539d ago
Day/Night is done better on MLB 11 The Show =)
TacoBurrito  +   1539d ago
My mind=BLOWN (lol)

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