Deathsmiles Critiqued for Sexualising Children

Reviewer writers "however, in terms of choosing the most effective line of critique, i think i'll stick with the creepy, heavily-eroticised children thing. if you buy this game, you need to take a long hard look at yourself -- just saying."
(Opaque grammar is an intentional part of the column's presentation.)

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shoinan2819d ago

Not yet played it... but this does put me off.

Reibooi2819d ago

There is no sexualising anything in Deathsmiles. It's a side scrolling shooter in which the characters are transported to a alternate world that has a somewhat Victorian(Hence the gothic looking outfits for all the characters) feel to it and they are given powers to stop the demons from destroying the world.

There is no sex. There is no mention of sex, There is no sex jokes, there is no hint's of anything sexual in this game at all. The older characters have more developed chests but that really is about it. There is nothing to ever put someone off of this game aside from not liking the difficulty of shumps.

The Meerkat2819d ago

WTF is wrong with the Japanese?

Reibooi2819d ago

One of the biggest problems in Japan right now is them being so uptight about pretty much EVERYTHING. No thanks to people like you.

They have passed a law that basically allows them to ban any game, anime or manga they deem harmful and the rules for what they mean by harmful is so vague it pretty much allows them to ban anything.

Under this law masterpieces of anime and gaming could be banned. Persona 3 and 4 could be banned and anime like Evangelion could be banned and it all started with people outside of Japan casting down judgment on what was coming out of Japan and not being able to realize there is such a thing as cultural differences.

It's not like the stuff people freaked out on Japan for don't exist here in the US. They do most people just choose to ignore them if they aren't harming anyone.

Redempteur2819d ago

that's sad .. that "law" is garbage .. even magical girl show like Madoka puella magica are getting censored/banned .

All thanks to people so stuck on appearances that they can't see the depth of games and animes and judge everything on their cover.

Such a sad day.

Redempteur2819d ago

just before any uninformed people comes up.

1) There is no sex in this game.
2) Gothic lolitas are nothing new ( there are lot of people cosplaying like this at any anime convention AROUND the world )
3) thisis just a side scrolling shooter ( think r-type )

4) this critic ABOVE is useless and uninformed.

hay2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

Yup, while lolis are morally doubtful they're popular phenomenon in Japanese culture. But not only there.
Look at west.
Younger and younger kids wanna play adults, sexual initiation age gets lower every year, teen pregnancy is quite common, there are even pre-schools in high schools for student's children, it's even worse than in Japan and people dare to question them?...

paulgovan2819d ago

I think you are right. It's certainly an international trend. One I'm a little uneasy about myself.

paulgovan2819d ago

I think that if games are going to be more widely accepted this is exactly the type of mature engagement we need. This sort of thing is written about films everyday. It shouldn't be a shock to apply it to videogames.

TacoTaru2819d ago

In America the malls are full of prostitots. At least the loligoths aren't as bad as that.

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