BurgerTime HD Is Not A Simple Remake Of BurgerTime With HD Graphics | Siliconera Preview

Siliconera: I got a chance to try BurgerTime HD, a title we outed earlier this week, during Game Developer’s Conference.

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madpuppy2817d ago

the original burgertime was one of those games that drove me nuts, those freaky hot dogs and fried eggs chasing you around the level always cracked me up.

KrimsonKody2817d ago

(School girl screams)
I love BurgerTime, I seldomly still play the original & the japanese sequel. I hope they "remix" it completely, similiar 2 how they did Pac-Man CE.


I agree, I always thought it was so funny how the pickles & egg start movin' faster as U 'turn the game over' a few times. They were so aggressive for their time, lol.

moogle842814d ago

IGN has a video somewhere of the gameplay.