Capcom Has 2 Games Unannounced

During an interview with one of the workers called Randall's blue castle at GDC said that he is working hard in the realization of 2 sets.

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kookie2758d ago

Its former blue castle games

Quagmire2758d ago

Dino Crisis and Monster Hunter PS3!!!!

ultimate-remag2758d ago

Aww man Dino Crisis ps3 will be EPIC!!!! Alright gigigigideeee!!!!!!

AGamerOfConsoles2758d ago

Powerstone was spotted on a list when Capcom were boasting about their 3DS lineup. Its not necessarily PS3 related.

Capcom can put their games on whatever they want to.

Stealth20k2758d ago


no powerstone was ever announced

AGamerOfConsoles2758d ago (Edited 2758d ago )

@ Stealth

This was a list of games planned at the time. Just because its not been announced doesn't mean its not going to happen. It could just be unannounced.

Monster hunter was also on it. That is also something Capcom themselves hinted at.

malyn2758d ago

onimusha 5 - resident evil 6

AGamerOfConsoles2758d ago

For the love of everything let it be Dino Crisis! Its far superior to many of Capcom's new IPs.

Dino Crisis 3 is no way to end it. At least give it a chance to redeem itself.

2758d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.