5 inch Floppy - Bulletstorm Review

Bulletstorm is all about killing inventively - but most games with this focus talk bigger than they play. Will this new shooter from People Can Fly have enough variety, combos and interesting weapons to make it worthwhile?

5 inch Floppy examines both the game and the game maker's dilemma of offering a "path of most fun" vs a "path of least resistance", in a game with so many ways to kill.

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ko-zee-ii2790d ago

Nice one dude. I didn't think it was possible to jam unicorn, candy cane and blowjob in the same sentence, but you found a way. Kudos!

GrathiusXR2790d ago

Oh god I think N4G has sunk to a new low now that I've seen you on here :P other than that I loved this 5 inch floppy!

Such class and elegance :) The path or less resistance etc part was awesome! :D

GLoRyKnoT2790d ago

Nice work mate! Cheers :)