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If you've turned on an anime or played a video game in the last 20 years, you've heard the voice of Steve Blum. With an IMDB history that contains dozens upon dozens of credits with many of those credits involving multiple characters, Blum is a nearly ubiquitous voice in the worlds of anime and video games.

Through Blum's work in video games, he has touched the lives and experiences of countless gamers. His voices have given life to many of the characters that gamers hold close to their hearts.

gamrFeed recently had the opportunity to interview Blum and ask him about some of his work on video games, memorable roles, and trends in the industry. You can check out the full transcript below.

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BeardedGamerShow2790d ago

Steve Blum is awesome...and he's in freakin' EVERYTHING!

TheGameLlama2790d ago

The Nolan North of video games? Wait, that's not right...