DICE: Death of PC claim is ‘bullshit’

DICE general manager Karl Magnus Troedsson has called any claims that the PC market is in decline or dead are “bullshit.”

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egidem2818d ago

And they are going to prove it by rubbing Battlefield 3 into all these claimers' faces.

a_bro2818d ago

connect BF3 with steamworks, and you have my money for the collectors edition.

ultramoot2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

Yeah, we know that. But try telling that to the PS3 fanboys for whom the word of Sony is like the Law of Gravity. Say otherwise, and they'll burn you alive as if you've just peed on their altar.

(Watch this space for some bitter retaliation.)

hoops2818d ago

You sir are a brave one to even utter those words on N4G.COM! Be prepared to be burnt to the cross

evrfighter2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

as someone that's been burned at the cross at the hands of the ps3 extremists

much <3.

@ silly gamer

for the longest time and even still. The sdf truly believed the cell to be the last piece of tech we will ever need in our lifetime. They wanted pc gaming to die a quick death so that they could claim to have the most powerful platform available.

But pc gaming is pretty much as badass as Duncan Macleod with a neck made of adamantium.


It was the ps3 fanboys that were hootin and hollering in the "piracy!: pc is teh DOOMED!!!1" articles.

which is funny because they like to use "zomg media hates sony with ps3 is doomz0rs articles!!!"

Silly gameAr2818d ago

Evefighter, that's the biggest crock I've read since I've been here.

badz1492818d ago

playing victim now, ha? say what you want about yourself being a PC gamer while the truth is you're just a SONY hater in disguise!

singling out PS3 fanboys as the audience who pray for the death of PC gaming is kinda immature as it is! many times on N4G I see comments about "multiplat games are superior on pc, console sucks!", "kb+m rules, gamepads suck!" etc. and now pc gamers want to play as victim? what a joke! pc + ps3 is the best combo for gaming IMO with lots of exclusives between them! admit it, no matter how powerful your PC really is, there's no way you can play all 720p or sometimes sub-HD (as you guys like to call them!) PS3 exclusives and some 360 exclusive for that matter! played MGS4 yet? Halo3? Uncharteds? AW? Demon Soul? GT5? Gears2? no, right? it's suppose to be about the games but clearly now it's not the case anymore with you guys!

some guys in here said "just wait until BF3 is out and the comparisons are making every console look like shit. Not in just the graphic department either, only PC will be able to handle it in 64 players for example... Then you'll realise PC gaming is killing you, and N4G will be "mad"." guess what? if what you've said is true then NONE will flock to CoD and Halo and Mario which are all "low-end" games for you uber-PC guys but guess what? with sub-HD and 5v5 MP and many more "disgusting" performance of consoles over these games, people buy them! leap and bound, sea to sky in comparison of sales to the best the PC has to offer! it's sad that CRAP like CoD sells but reality is, people are after the GAME not SPEC! having the best of both worlds is the only solution to this and it's kinda annoying that one platform is praying for the other platform to die when there are where the GAMEs really are!

a_bro2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

lol funny stuff. PC gaming was never dead to begin with, it has hit its high points and low points though.

this year would be a good year for PC gaming when you look at the calendar

-portal 2
-Dragon Age 2
-Deus ex:HR
-crysis 2
-total war:shogun 2

would be nice to see if blizzard can release diablo III this year lol

Spinal2818d ago

I will Seriously sell all my consoles just for Diablo 3 if it was this year!

hano2818d ago

Dragon Age 2 will hardly be better on PC than consoles. I played the PC demo, they removed the extra features that made it worthwhile to get on PC.
I would say it would be better on consoles, since you will have to use the gamepad, which the game was designed for.

awi59512818d ago

You forgot old republic man

Silly gameAr2818d ago

I'm sorry but what exactly does this have to do with PS3 fanboys?

Will the same work for say...360 fanboys? Or how about I throw Nintendo fanboys out there.

Does owing a PS3 automatically mean that you hope the PC platform dies a slow painful death? . Sorry man but you lost me here. Didn't know PS3 fanboys were crying out for the death of PC gaming.

multipayer2818d ago

It does mean that, just wait until BF3 is out and the comparisons are making every console look like shit. Not in just the graphic department either, only PC will be able to handle it in 64 players for example... Then you'll realise PC gaming is killing you, and N4G will be "mad".

Maybe that is why the phrase "PC gaming is dead" became so popular, the butthurt from Doom 3 and HalfLife 2 still fresh in their minds.

ChrisW2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

@Silly gameAr,

It's easier to point at PS3 fans for this because of the demographics of this site. It's obvious that there are more PS3 fans here than 360 fans.

awi59512818d ago

Well if certain fanboys wasnt such jerks they wouldnt get blamed for things lol.

NateCole2818d ago

Wow really?. Were do you find PS3 fans saying that PC is dead?. Oh wait. You just pulled that out of your ass.

forcefullpower2818d ago

I find that funny as The PC and the PS3 go together and my PC gamer mates bought PS3's and not 360's.

NateCole2818d ago

That's my experience as well. It makes more sense to get a PS3 and PC together in any case.

hellzsupernova2814d ago

oh suhtup seriously everyone is all oh the ps3 fanboys on here are terrible blah blah i find the complaining more terrible then they are i usually just laugh at fanboy comments then move on. im a ps3 gamer but im buying this on pc. along with skyrim and i am currently mainling playing starcraft 2.

no sony fanboy ive seen has stated that pc gaming is dead etc

ultramoot2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Congratulations. You've just made it into my "Ignore" bin. A place that only a select few have been able to experience. Here's a little bonus present for your efforts -

....................../´ ¯/)
....................,/¯. ./
............./´¯/&# 39;...'/´¯¯` ·¸
........../'/.../..../... ..../¨¯\
........('(...´...&# 180;.... ¯~/'...')
.........\.................&# 39;...../
..........''...\..... ..... _.·´

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ChrisW2818d ago

Actually, it will die when people stop buying PCs. As to when that is... Your guess is as good as mine!

Kharhaz2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )

It kind of is though, all there is for PC are MMOs, cross platform FPSs, and Blizzard games. There's hardly any single player games anymore besides Bioware and Bethesda games, which aren't all that great these days.

Geralt2818d ago

You're not a PC gamer, are you?

TheColbertinator2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )


He clearly isn't.Which reminds me I have to pick up The Witcher 2 for PC and my bro will pick up Dragon Age 2 for PC as well.Clearly because they are multiplayer games /sarcasm

Also I have to pick up Darkspore which is a

Cross platform FPS?
blizzard game?...Not even close

Bear_Grylls2818d ago

What he said. You don't own a gaming PC do you?

Besides, what you just described sounds more like the current console scene minus a few kinect or move titles.

PC gaming has everything, it is what you make it these days.

Kharhaz2818d ago

I have yet to see anyone mention any decent PC titles, so whatever.

Kharhaz2818d ago

I am a PC gamer, and there are a few gems like the Witcher and it's sequel (sequel is cross platform which is why I didn't mention it) but when it comes down to it, the games available for PC boil down to what I've mentioned. I'm not interested in experimental spinoff games like Darkspore, I want real games like what was available in the golden age of PC gaming, games that you just won't ever see anymore.

toaster2818d ago

"sequel is cross platform which is why I didn't mention it"

You just blew your cover. Anyone in the PC gaming scene knows that Witcher 2 is still an exclusive as far as we know :P

Bear_Grylls2818d ago

Dude PC gaming has nearly every game and genre ever made...

enough said.

I am not going to list of games when we can all clearly see that your original statement was wrong and only your opinion not fact.

Kharhaz2818d ago

This is 2011, and there are barely any decent PC recent exclusive titles, which is to my understanding, the point of this discussion.

Ranshak2818d ago (Edited 2818d ago )


Only console kiddies count the exclusives, they will even go ahead play the exclusives even if the exclusive is garbage.

90% of games out today are multiplat thats a fact. All of us know which platform those run better on.

Its also not about running better PC versions offer Mods, which increases the replayability of the game.

ChrisW2815d ago


"Only console kiddies count the exclusives."

'Well said' bubble vote added.

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Letros2818d ago

MMOs are not "games" until they come out for the PS3, amirite?

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