Game Podunk Review | Alien Breed: Descent - A Repetitive Descent Towards Nothingness

Alien Breed: Descent takes off from where the second game in the series left us, with Conrad aboard a space ship that is hurtling dangerously into the planet below. As if that isn’t a difficult enough situation, he also has to deal with an artificial intelligence, Mr Klein (not of underwear fame), that is determined to make Conrad’s life as tricky as possible. This story is pushed along by stylised comic book cutscenes complete with over the top, hideously dire voice acting that wouldn’t be out of place in a low budget B-movie. If you have not played the previous two titles you may get a little lost as far as the back story goes due to the lack of any detailed explanation, but it doesn’t really matter. You are there to shoot aliens, and the old phrase “shoot first, ask questions later” would seem fitting if anyone cares enough to actually bother asking questions once the mind-numbing shooting is done with.

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Close_Second2841d ago

I purchase the first one and it was ok but featured the worst end o game boss ever. I stupidly purchased the second one and did not finish it.

Honestly, this has to be the dullest and most repetitive trilogy ever.

On a side note, I loved them way back when they were on the Amiga...but gaming has moved on since the early 90's.