Ubisoft: Not our fault that our sex game's rated for kids

Ubisoft has commented on the age-rating for its "sexy" party game We Dare, after a week of pretending not to notice how f*cked up it is. The response? Blame PEGI, the European ratings board.

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sinncross2842d ago

Actually it is... if Ubisoft cared they would have requested that a certain restriction be put onto the game.
Sure, it shows a problem with the rating boards itself, but if Ubisoft intended the game to be for a mature audience then they ought to appeal.

Otherwise, I think Ubisoft is trying to look more conscientious then they actually are.

MAJ0R2841d ago

no a company can't rate their own game and to put an age restriction would be ridiculous because that's PEGI's job, it's just that simple

HolyOrangeCows2841d ago

True, but there should be at least SOME responsibility on their end with the advertisement. They sure don't MAKE it look its rating.

Baka-akaB2841d ago

that's ridiculous . What would be the point of a rating system a biased party , in this instane the publisher , could influence ?

Someone didnt do their job and of course Ubisoft wont care and reap the benefits from it . Every publisher would

gypsygib2841d ago

Ubisoft is right, it's the rating boards responsibility.

sinncross2841d ago

You guys do know that they can,

Take the film There Will Be Blood, for instance,. The film was originally rated 12A in the UK but the distributors appealed for the restriction to be pushed to a 15, and that is exactly what happened.

A company can appeal the age rating... heck, many do already because they feel the board is being too harsh: you cant surely believe they wouldn't if they felt it was too low?

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Urmomlol2842d ago

Oh piss off, Ubisoft, you guys know a T-rated game will sell more copies to immature, impressionable teenage gamers. Don't try and sell us with your BS.

gamingdroid2841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

Yes, but it isn't Ubisofts responsiblity to monitor the ratings board, PEGI.

It's interesting though, in the US people are super sensitive to sex, yet violence is prevalent. In Europe, they are completely opposite, super sensitive to violence, but just fine with sex.

I'd rather have sex than violence though! ;)

Still prefer to live in the US though....

Miths2841d ago

Actually I think most of Europe is - very broadly speaking of course - perfectly fine with both sex and violence in media (as long as the proper rating is applied of course).
Germany (and perhaps a few other EU countries) seems to the rare exception regarding violence, with occasional bans or other strict requirements of violent games.

Theyellowflash302841d ago

Seriously, here in America sex is shunned so much but violence to a degree is acceptable for teenagers and kids. Kids play spin the bottle and truth or dare. This isn't that bad nor is it the end of the world. More teens are not going to engage in sexual activity because of this game.

ZombieAssassin2841d ago

Ouch prolly a bad move, now PEGI will see this and be like...well we can't let the blame be on us so we'll have to start being harder on the ratings with all games.

Baka-akaB2841d ago

you mean they'd actually do their job for once ?

paintsville2841d ago

Wow here's something that the ps3 shameless wii copy can do.

AssassinHD2841d ago

Well they are right. Ubisoft is not in charge of rating the games.

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