Sodium 2: Project Velocity trailer shows the future of PlayStation Home gaming

Playr writes: If like us, you'd forgotten that PlayStation Home was originally conceived as a place where the PS3 community could play some exclusive multiplayer games, then you might want to watch the trailer below for a rather natty game that's coming exclusively to Home real soon.
A techie might say,"When it arrives in Spring, Sodium 2: Project Velocity will be the first game for PlayStation Home to make use of the new tools and features offered by the latest core client update v1.50."
Whereas we would say, "Crikey, a half-decent game is coming to Home! Who saw that coming? Not us."
You can watch the trailer below one one condition - you don't say, "Crikey, that looks just like Wipeout!" Because we've already said that.

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Ninjamonkey822842d ago

I still want to see the main games like Killzone etc pulled in to the fabric of home. I want to meet people there then join as a group.

Redempteur2842d ago

you can , ever heard of game lauching's in HOME ?

In home you can have CLubs and special spaces to meet before a match ..

There a socom space dedicated to socom but people can do this for their clans ...