CryEngine 3 - new screenshots ( - ITA)

24 new sample screenshots of CryEngine 3 have been released

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Thrillhouse2757d ago

Agreed! The jungle shots are especially impressive.

I wonder what a Frostbite 2.0 rendered jungle and beach would look like :O

Agent VX2757d ago

Yeap, if only developers didn't develop for the underpowered consoles, we would actually have games that look wayyyyy better than Killzone 3, which currently is the consoles best looking game.

Modern day PC rigs put to shame what a current gen console could ever hope to do.

CryEngine 3 is amazing, and this is what we have to look forward too when the next gen consoles come out, and not the boring graphics that we have today.

awi59512757d ago

Yeah its sad when you build a bad ass pc and cant find games to really push it. Most games that do stress my rig are badly programmed games that just suck.

Tinasumsum2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Photo real

pic 7/24 and a few others are speculated to be from Kingdoms for the 360.


Watch the videos

Shackdaddy8362757d ago

Makes me wish they made C2 on an island... or in the mountains... or basically any forest...

St02757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Most of these are from Cryengine 2 not 3

tumefatto2757d ago

All of these are from Crytek official site (CryEngine 3, "Pictures" slide)

St02757d ago

Wow ok, so Crytek actually stole user made maps to try and show of Cryengine 3!? lol

You can see in the link I posted that these are from user made maps using Cryengine 2

Few shots Crytek stole from incrysis site

GrumpyVeteran2757d ago


Why doesn't Crysis 2 look this good on the PC?


Shaman2757d ago

SP definitely does,even with medium shaders.MP on other hand sucks on all 3 systems...too bad Haze guys made that.

buckley2757d ago

Why is everyone basing what Crysis 2 looks like from a limited demo?

ProGrasTiNation2757d ago

Crysis 2 was held back on PC so they could demo their engine on consoles,more money if devs pick up their engine for their games

Killzone3___2757d ago


we will see... -.-

paintsville2757d ago

Wow just amazing and 360 runs this engine great!!!

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