Resistance 3 - GDC 11: Cloak and Dagger Multiplayer Gameplay HD

See the new abilities in action! Cloaking, teleportation and much more get shown off at GDC 2011!

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Pixelated_Army2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Not just good but damn good.

(we have a hater in our midst lulz)

ChineseDemocracy2757d ago

Learned my lesson from watching the Killzone 3 vids; read every article, and watched every video. By the time I played the game, I was left with only a few surprises :S

Gotta RESIST the urge.

crzyjackbauer2757d ago

love it
big fan of R1, Hated R2 but looks like insomniac is cooking up a winner with R3

EeJLP-2757d ago

List me the major R:FoM gameplay elements in R3. You loved R1? Yet you have no idea what you're talking about. The game is based on the R2 engine with minor R:FoM elements added.

Weapon wheel.

Done. That's it? That's how uneducated you are?

The movement and running is R2 based.
The Berserks (now killstreak rewards) are R2 based.
The giant shields, R2 based.
The mobile shields, R2 based.
The character model differences between Human and Chimera being just a reskin, R2 based.
The sounds, R2 based.
No target bombing, R2 based.

What are you looking at that leads you to believe you're looking at an R:FoM based game that you supposedly love when you're actually looking at an R2 based game that you supposedly hate?

thief2757d ago (Edited 2757d ago )

Yopu forget the health packs instead of regenerating health. Thats a big change.

As well as thge return of offscreen and online campaign coop.

EeJLP-2756d ago

Health packs are for the campaign, not online multiplayer. R:FoM was the same yes, but R2 had regen online also, so that's no comparison, all 3 have regen online. (which isn't an issue)

Agreed that campaign co-op is a good welcome back from the original, but R:FoM didn't have online campaign co-op, only offline. So yes, online campaign co-op is a good new addition to the franchise in R3, but again you're talking campaign and not online multiplayer.

HolyOrangeCows2757d ago

Youtube link with everything in this vid and more.

You know what to do. Bubble me, bro.

thematrix12982757d ago

I actually like R3 better than KZ3. I will pick it up R3 on launch. I like the new abilities they added for MP.

James Vanderbeek2757d ago

cant say that yet brotha until you play it.. but it does look sick.. hopefully socom 4 doesnt suck my life away so i can pick this up. I never really got into multi plaer for resistance. I got the first 2 just for the single player.

plumber152757d ago

it looks like a very fast paced game even faster then KZ3

slinky1234562757d ago

KZ3 is not all that fast paced in the first place tho.

James Vanderbeek2757d ago

yea kz3 is totally different than resistance. if they were the same that would suck for everyone. killzone is more tactical and team based. resistance is every man for themselves warfare. both are fun as hell to play

thief2757d ago

Thats why these 2 are so complementary.
Want some slower, tactical team based action? KZ
More arcadey blast-em-up fun? Resistance
The perct double gift.

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