Why Nothing Beats the First Moments Playing a Game

GameDynamo - "Everyone is lost, everyone is trying to figure something out, and the world becomes a huge community of friends helping each other understand what is going on."

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DiLeCtioN2763d ago


I first experienced this on RFOM, gosh was i lost :/
IMO is the best community on PS3 till this day.

Gambit072763d ago

Specially in the God of War series, best intros.

Buttons2763d ago

Still remember the beginning of games like Syberia and Myst to this day

George Sears2763d ago

Playing Tomb Raider for the first time was amazing for me. Especially when that Dinosaur pops out of nowhere.

spartan_dx2763d ago

Actually im not too fond of having to figure out controls and going through the awkward tutorials that some games have so i try to get through it as quickly as possible so i can get to the real game.

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The story is too old to be commented.