GDC: Bungie's Next Game Is An MMO

At a panel session at the Game Developers Conference in San Francisco today, Bungie network engineer David Aldridge confirmed to attendees that the developer's next title is a "massively multiplayer action game."

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aviator1892814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Hmm, I'm actually glad bungie's moving away from their FPS-centric career. This could be pretty awesome if they get it right.

TOO PAWNED2814d ago

MMO? So basically it will fail?

slate912814d ago

Fail? Not the slightest. I have full confidence in Bungie. I can't wait now. Glad they are straying away from Halo and making something different.
Here's to hoping we all have a good game to play very soon.

Washington-Capitals2814d ago

ok forget about the game itself, but dont you think Activision had some influence on this decision? I mean mmo means a montly charge, thats exactly what activision wants. Also, expect an MMO of call of duty as well.

TOO PAWNED2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Yeah since Bungie can't go wrong (ONI). I see them running back to Halo very soon. MMO on consoles will NEVER work. Not on larger scale.
Just imagine on 360 paying for xbl and some MMO project.

captain-obvious2814d ago

MMO = not good news
and to add insult to injury activision is in this
so i wonder if they'll charge a 100$ a month for a laggy servers ((if there is any)) lol

and then shut them down after few months

Biggest2814d ago

The outcry when people here found out about DCUO having a subscription fee says that this Bungie game is going to piss some people off... Or they'll all of a sudden love paying $13.00 a month.

lucifon2814d ago

@Too Pawned - both FF14 and PSU only required silver membership to XBL. Any MMO that comes to the platform will NOT require a Gold Membership ontop of a sub.

NiKK_4192814d ago

yea, maybe they're doing that COD MMO, but i thought that was supposed to be from another developer

Mystogan2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Hmmm...will it be on consoles?

Bungie is not really Bungie since most of the key people are now with 343 Studios.

So basically Activision made a deal with just a company "named" Bungie.
The real bungie is now at 343 Studios.

evrfighter2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Activision has a lot of leverage with ms. They could easily force a silver membership. Or screw ms over with ps3 dlc exclusives with cod.

But a bungie mmo will never work. It would be severely hardware limited and consolized. Pc gamers are not easily fooled when it comes to mmos.

I know bungie is a quality developer but its always been my opinion that they are a one hit wonder.

DeadlyFire2813d ago

Not necessarily a fail, but its a tough egg for any developer to push a MMO out there and make it right so it lasts. Most MMOs are hollow and empty. Action MMOs are typically left with social areas and action areas. Something about this doesn't work in alot of games. I wonder if Bungie will try to innovate.

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kaveti66162814d ago

I think it was mentioned somewhere that it will be a shooter mmo.

theonlylolking2814d ago

IF that is true then tthey are probably going to do a less serious MAG.(MAG is a MMO go look at the genre it is in)

flyingmunky2814d ago

I'm interested to see what direction Bungie are going to take this. It sounds interesting so far, hope to hear more by E3.

I'll bet Activision is pleased with this though. They would love another MMO besides wow to be successful, after all they mean monthly paychecks. I read that wow makes enough in one month to cover an entire year of operating cost.

Blaze9292814d ago

next game is a MMO huh? Well, I've lost all interest in this Activision project now.

BDSE2813d ago

You'd think developers would learn that the quickest route to bankruptcy is to produce a MMO.

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Deathstroke2814d ago

No 360 version confirmed then

RockmanII72814d ago

360 has MMO's, google search phantasy star universe

Agent_S2813d ago

And they're getting a zombie MMO from developer Undead Labs.

HOSe2814d ago

ya, i don't see how this is good news by any stretch of the imagination

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