Has Tecmo Koei Learnt From Its Quantum Failure?

When Quantum Theory was announced, it was a PS3 exclusive and Tecmo Koei made claims that it was a potential Gears of War beater. Of course, there were those who doubted this, and as the game started being shown to the world at events like the Tokyo Game Show and E3, it quickly became apparent that this wasn't going to be case.

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tweex2841d ago

Dear God, I hope so. Quantum Theory was such a disapointment :(.

mephman2841d ago

Quantum Theory is one of the biggest disappointments of all time.

ShawnCollier2841d ago

It's amazing how bad that game turned out.

Hardedge2841d ago

I couldn't even play through the QT demo, such a terrible game. I've always been a fan of the musou series though.

Relientk772841d ago

Same, I didn't finish the demo I just stopped playing it and deleted it lol

Deathstroke2841d ago

Even though it sucked, Quantum of Theory is still better than Gears War.

Flexatron2841d ago

Obviously hasn't played Gears of War.

VenomProject2841d ago

I've never played Gears of War...I HAVE played Quantum Theory though, and I can guarantee that Gears of War cannot be worse than the turd that is Quantum Theory.

2841d ago
Malice-Flare2841d ago

we'll see, but as long as i have my Dynasty/Samurai Warriors fix i don't mind if they don't...

yes, i'm part of the problem XD...

hiredhelp2841d ago

They should of made it exclusive. anyways. even if it was. the game would still suck i followed up this game when was said about all the video's i watched right up till the point it was decided to go multiformat i could tell the shell shaded visuals gears of war style wouldnt ork was bland too.
i tooo couldnt finish the demo as my fears were confirmed.

its not hard to make a gears of war game its not hard to make a better gears of war game. but it hard for us to play a game that you can tell they didnt think this game threw. with bold statement like a gears beater.

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