110° Crysis 2 – Demo so popular that it broke says: The Crysis 2 demo has only been released for several days and has become quite popular, so popular in fact that it has brought the account and matchmaking servers to their capacity limit. Thankfully, the issue was resolved promptly. Now how about fixing the sound for G35 Headsets? =)

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aviator1892840d ago (Edited 2840d ago )

At least most of the glaring bugs are gone now. The kill-cams are still glitchy, meleeing is still a little off, and the hit-detection is still a bit off. Bullets take like a few milliseconds to register, even if you're shooting at the ground directly below you.

I understand if this works with far-shots, but the fact that it's happening even in close-encounters is frustrating.

bwazy2840d ago

Fix the controls and then I might consider it a serious buy...

Shackdaddy8362840d ago

set launch option either in steam or on an icon:


no more defaulted laggy mouse movements!!


also, if you have vsync on then take it off(thats probably obvious but some people don't know it still)

bwazy2840d ago

Thanks man, I appreciate the info, but I probably won't attempt playing it again. My wallet cannot afford the risk of a bad game (and one that I CANT trade in), no matter how small lol.

yugioh1002840d ago

"Crysis 2 – Demo so popular that it broke"

i thought it was naturally broken as a game.

WhiteNoise2840d ago

^This. The demo was borken by default, the crap log in issues etc was just additional reason to deter people from buying it.

They should have released an SP demo.

The bullstetorm demo did not give a true picture of what the core of the game played like, which is the SP. Same goes for crysis 2. But the demo was so buggy and so poorly done that I don't think I'll even risk it for the SP.

Nightshadow2840d ago

Glad I'm not the only one that thought the demo felt a little weak, and also laggy mouse controls.