THQ: We're sensitive to IP fatigue

THQ was apparently taking notes, and Danny Bilson, the publisher's core games vice president, is adament about not allowing its developers to grind out new games without heavy iteration.

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shadowfox2665d ago

Glad to see they won't run their brands ashore like Activision.

LightofDarkness2665d ago

They already have with their WWE Smackdown vs. Raw series.

xCaptainAmazing2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

I don't think I've even ever played a THQ game. Certainly won't rule them out as a publisher though.

Activision, EA, Take-Two, 2K, Rockstar, Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo... I can think of games I played from all of these, but none from THQ.

MidnytRain2665d ago

THQ is publishing Homefront. They also publish the MX vs. ATV games among others.

By the way, THQ's logo doesn't look like that anymore.

zatrox2665d ago

Darksiders? S.T.A.L.K.E.R? Red Faction? Company of Heroes? Metro 2033? Any of the Warhammer games?

...On the downside, they also publish lotsa shovelware.

firefoxprime2665d ago (Edited 2665d ago )

Are you kidding me???
Just think of ALL the Spongebob games in the past 12 years...

And you thought Activision and EA were bad. >.>

VenomProject2665d ago

Wasn't Darksiders a THQ game?...I can't remember.

krisq2665d ago

and it was awesome! Awaiting sequel.

outwar60102665d ago

smackdown vs raw and other abysmal wwe games say hello

GameTavern2665d ago

Pretty much, that series would really benefit from taking a year off.

LoneWanderer092665d ago

The only games that i played from THQ are really the Smackdown vs Raw series (i have them all)

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