Jim Reilly talks GTA V

RockstarBase Writes: Jim Reilly is the News Editor for and Tweeted this interesting thing today:

"Heard some interesting things about the next Grand Theft Auto last night."

What do you guys think?

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Shaman2664d ago

I think this pretty much confirms it.We will probably be seeing GTA V at this years E3.

mrv3212664d ago

I'm getting quite bored of these serious open world games. GTA IV was amazing TECH WISE, but when you got down to it 50% of your time was spent driving. VERY rarely on inFamous I wouldn't be shooting some enemy, or Red Faction I'd drive a lot but sometimes I'd just pull over make a tower go boom and call it a day. GTA IV you'd pull over only to play darts with your girlfriend... which is a mini-game and a not to thrilling one at that.

Most fun I had with GTA IV? Multiplayer, I'd get the heli, they'd grab RPG's we'd see how long we could last.

the_best_player2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Yeah lets hope it's not just about graphics and physics this time round for NEXT GTA.

Wenis2664d ago

I agree. GTA V has so much potential to be absolutely amazing its almost mind boggling... please don't "GTA4 it" Rockstar.

MrBeatdown2664d ago

Earlier, I think. Rockstar doesn't need E3. They never show up for it. They unveiled GTA4 in March 2007.

A GTA reveal can generate more than enough hype on its own. No need to compete with the rest of the industry at E3.

Plus, considering how secretive Rockstar is, it makes me think the only reason this guy heard anything is because Rockstar wants him to know, and they are getting ready for a reveal this month.

distorted_reality2664d ago


I just hope they're not planning on a xmas this year release, my wallet is getting hit enough at that time as it is lol.

MGRogue20172664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Bring it Rockstar Games! Love those guys.. They are definately my most favourite games developer. One of the best game developers out there, in fact. :D

Naughty Dog comes at a very close second.

distorted_reality2664d ago (Edited 2664d ago )

Interesting that he doesn't say GTAV, just the "next GTA".

@ below - Or it's not GTAV at all.

CaptainMarvelQ82664d ago

i guess he doesn't want to make it more obvious than it is already

ChrisGTR12664d ago

the next gta isnt gonna be called gta5 its gonna have a subtitle just like vicecity and sanandreas.

DaTruth2664d ago

It better be a full GTA5, given that its been 3 years since the release of GTA4 and we don't even have a reveal yet!

GTA3 VC and SA were released a very short time after their predecessors, because there was very little engine work to be done. If their gonna separate GTA's by 4 years there should definitely do some engine work... especially since by today's standards, that game looks like crap!

belal2664d ago

i don't think that this will be gta5, probably a spin off like gta vice city. i hope to make a return to vice city or san andreas. would be awesome to get back there in HD this time!

jbiz3202664d ago

I will be seriously disappointed if they go back and use a recent city, Again. BRING ON LONDON!!

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