Homefront Review - 9/10 in OPM

The Official PlayStation Magazine Italy has given THQ's new shooter, Homefront, a 9/10 score in the world's first review.

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Pixelated_Army2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

The SP didn't attract my attention at all but the MP looks interesting.


The MP looks like a combo of MAG and COD4. Yeah that video was nice I might just pick it up on release day instead.


Yeah it looks like it.

jjohan352844d ago

This game perked my interest until I found out about the Battle Points system. Apparently the battle points you earn in each game to purchase items and vehicles will not carry over to the next game. So whenever you start a new online game, you'll have to start from ground zero and re-purchase every item. I'm not a fan of this kind of system usually, but if Kaos Studios can pull this off then I give mad props (and mad cash by purchasing the game as well).

PS-_-GAMER2844d ago

Someone Please Help Me My Ps3 froze, And When i tried to Sign in it said, "You cannot use the PlayStation®Network with this account. (8002A231)"
Help me please i got 3 Platinums,
Is This a Ban?

taco_tom2372844d ago

yep now check your email to see why you were banned

TimeSkipLuffy2844d ago

could be. If you have at any time played around with your firmware this is the bill for it ^^. Doesn't matter if you have reverted back since it could still have left traces of you messing around with it. If you honestly can say you never touched anything, contact Sony.

PS-_-GAMER2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

No im not a hacker. Im legit.
i email them.
Whatss Their Phone Number?

BattleAxe2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Looks like you were caught Boosting. That ought to teach you a lesson.

FailOverHero2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Maybe somebody(a hacker) used that tool that protects his ps3 from banning and makes psn ban another ps3 instead and your ps3's number came up.
Sucks to be you right now mate.
Apparently this tool is just a theory but hey, its either that or you're a hacker. Most people are gonna prefer to believe the latter, helps them sleep at night

red2tango2844d ago

@ FailOver

It's not a theory, it's possible, but you need the Console ID so that's unlikely in his situation.

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a_bro2844d ago

well thats surprising.

aviator1892844d ago

'One of the most intense, emotional experiences of 2011'.

Sweet! Now I definitely can't wait!

RedDead2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I liked the look of this, sorta seems like cod though, but with vehicles...the multiplayer atleast looks like a replica of Cod(shooting atleast), the campaign is what interests me for this surprisingly, it's rare in a shooter today for the campaign to take priority .

Going by that interview they're trying to take on Battlefield

Oh and what I mean about the cod thing, the gunplay just reminds me alot of Cod.

BattleAxe2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Even if this game turns out to be good, I've already gotten burnt out on games like CoD and even Battlefield to some degree. I am interested in Battlefield 3 though, since it looks to take realism to the next level. Lets just hope they pack it full with content.

@ Reddeaddestroyer

Not only am I interested in BF3, but Homefront is competing with Crysis 2, Killzone3 and Socom4 for my money and my playing time, theres just not enough room. Later in the year I'm also going to buy Resistance3 and Uncharted 3, so unfortunately THQ is late to the party. I might buy this game on Steam a year from now when it gets discounted though.

2844d ago
ugabugaz2844d ago

This game could be a massive sleeper hit.

FLOWCity2844d ago

Guess I'll preorder this.

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