IGN: Dragon Age 2 Combat Classes Video Preview

Not sure if you want to play as a warrior, mage or rogue? IGN overviews all of the classes and who you can use in your party.

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shovelface882814d ago

Pretty stoked. Unlike the majority of people on N4G, I actually like the demo, LOVED the first game, and am looking forward to endless hours in DA2.

Every single game BioWare has made, I've loved. They are like Valve for me, they just know how to make good games.

Was the new combo system a risky move? Sure. However, if it weren't for developers changing things up and trying new mechanics, we'd be playing the same games over and over.

Too many companies these days just release new iterations, or more of the same. (Call of Duty or Guitar Hero are great examples.)

Just my 2 cents.

Tex1172814d ago

Well, the PC community has a reason to be ticked off I think, but for the console players, most of these changes are for the better.

It does seem a little "dumbed down" from DAO but so was Me2 from Me. It worked out. Hopefully this will too.

Bioware's recent games have just been plain fun...good story...decent gameplay....Nothing truly amazing about them other than it comes together in an enjoyable experience.

Leave it to Dark Souls and some other games to kick your ass or do something wildly different. (And yes...Dark Souls is my most anticipated game of the year)

shovelface882814d ago

I played dragon age origins on PC and will play DA2 on PC as well. I loved all the changes. Removing the tactical camera (and I say removed, what I really mean is slightly altered) doesn't really bother me.

Most of the time I just switched between to assign actions, and just used the tactical camera for positioning. Positioning in Dragon Age 2, at least in the demo, is much less of an issue than it was in DAO.

Tex1172814d ago

Im going for the Rouge myself.

midgard2272814d ago

i wuda been a rogue but the animations are the worst of them all