60° Crysis 2 – No sound with the G35 Headset says: It has been a string of bad luck incidents for Crytek thus far, the developers behind Crysis 2, with a major incident of their early version game build being leaked. Although it was limited visually with graphic settings locked, we finally get a sneak peek of how the actual game will look with the recent release of the multiplayer demo. With no time to waste, I promptly downloaded the demo through Steam and installed it in no time. After loading the game up the menu is presented but there was something not quite right, I heard no sound effects for menu items, not even that gentle hum sound to indicate that there is sound — it was a little too quiet…

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scrubgamer2818d ago

G35 is a popular headset for gamers too, so comfortable when playing for hours on end.

Nightshadow2817d ago

Yah I had to uninstall the drivers and use stereo sound =(

bwazy2817d ago

First the dismal xbox ported game play and now I can't use my beloved headphones?

Just another reason not to buy it.... Homefront looks more promising... I am dissapoint.