What Makes a Great Game: Story vs. Gameplay [Game Rant]

Game Rant's Christian Spicer writes: "What makes a game? Is it the gameplay or the story? GDC presentations made by David Cage and Satoru Iwata provide a backdrop for an interesting discussion."

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ajtaormin2842d ago

I have always been the type of gamer who is drawn more to the story than to gameplay. While if I start a game I must finish it, I still tend to favor those that I hear have great stories.

GnarleySquid2842d ago

I think stories are an important part of any big budget title, but I feel gameplay is more important. Games like Angry Birds and even Mario certainly don't have much of a story, but they are still Triple A games that each define their respective genre – Angry Birds easily defines the slingshotting birds at pigs genre.

Wiggu2842d ago

For me, a great story can even make up for somewhat troublesome gameplay. Red Dead Redemption for instance. Fantastic story and writing, kept me playing through the at-times monotonous gunplay and traveling just to keep the story going.

Bassguitar1152842d ago

Great games tend to have both good gameplay and story, but there are plenty of exceptions. I myself am a gameplay guy. I'd much rather play something with addicting gameplay elements that require reflexes or wits, than "play" a movie.

In my opinion, gameplay is of first importance.

Tex1172842d ago

"It depends" is the only honest answer to that question.

nevin12842d ago

Gameplay is what should make or break a game, not its story.

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The story is too old to be commented.