GamePro: GDC: The Darkness 2 Preview

The first thing you hear when The Darkness II demo begins is a hammer. It's the sound of a thug crucifying protagonist Jackie Estacado, and the scene's suffered entirely from the first-person. That should be a pretty broad hint that The Darkness II doesn't intend to pull any punches -- and may even outdo its ultraviolent predecessor.

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Dante1122847d ago

The Darkness was my game back when I bought my ps3 console during it's launch. Spent so many hours playing/searching the subways and streets for goodies (comic book rewards). 2011 is looking great.

OneWorld2847d ago

That game scared the shi*t out of me.

CaptainMarvelQ82847d ago

especially the world war place where i didn't know wtf was going on xD

OneWorld2847d ago

Yea WW1 I think.. with the faces flashing on the screen every 30sec or so. My friend took the game back though didn't get to finish it.

Kakihara2847d ago

The little first person cutscene parts in the first game were some of my favourite moments of any game. The part in the church especially... y'know the bit.... dril drill drill, ouch ouch ouch.

The_Zeitgeist2847d ago

I can already tell by the amount of people commenting on this article that The Darkness 2 is destined to be another flop turned cult hit. Watch. Mark my words people.

iceman062847d ago

I think that the reason for this is simply the lack of familiarity with the Darkness as a comic book franchise. I have turned many people on to the game just by getting them to read a couple of the comics. It's got a story that is really, really unique, dark, and interesting. Jackie as a character is so complex and there is so much to be explored. However, one wouldn't know this without reading some of the comics.

The_Zeitgeist2846d ago

When I bought the game I didn't even know it was based on a comic book. I bought it the same day I bought my PS3 along with Resistance and to this day The Darkness is one of my favorites of this gen.

iceman062846d ago

You were one of the few who were willing to take a chance. I knew very well what I was getting into terms of the characters and the general story. I was just hoping that they did it justice. To my surprise, they did. Now, I am just hoping that the same type of justice is given to the sequel. Seriously, it's one of my favorite comic franchises (along with Wanted) and I absolutely loved the game.