Dualshockers: GDC11: Dead Island is Better Than You Think It Is

Dead Island is one of those few games in which people actually reached a consensus opinion when the trailer was first unleashed on the Interwebs. While the trailer was restrained, emotionally stunning, and completely unlike any other zombie-driven video game released previously, most were resigned to the fact that the game couldn’t possibly live up to it, and almost dismissed the game entirely based on those preconceived notions.

Well, after spending some time with publisher Deep Silver this morning at GDC, I can say that, while no game could ever have lived up to a trailer of that magnitude, Dead Island will pleasantly surprise many skeptics and naysayers with its potential.

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Chadness2844d ago

Would be kinda cool if this game just blows people out of the water.

sobekflakmonkey2844d ago

im personally looking forward to it, ive known about this game for like years now, its nice to see its actually some what close to release now.

GOODKyle2844d ago

It damn well better be.

booni32844d ago

It looks like an interesting enough concept, I hope it gets a playable demo.

JoelT2844d ago

I'm hearing nothing but great things in these previews. Its like all the best zombie titles wrapped up in one game!

Dante1122844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

"While that’s impressive, what’s even more promising is the aspect of disabling zombies with different weapons. Kummer demonstrated that in the boss portion of the demo, where you’re up against a heavily muscled up zombie. Using a heavy plumber’s wrench, Sam B was able to break both of the zombie’s arms, limiting him to biting attacks only. Apparently using blunt heavy objects could fracture limbs and render them useless, which certain slashing objects could cut them off. It was a feature that really sounded fantastic, and one that would be a joy to play with."

Man, this games just keeps getting better and better each time I read more about it. Can't wait.

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The story is too old to be commented.