Resistance 3 Extends Upon PS3’s Capabilities (Interview) -

"Resistance 3, the upcoming science fiction first person shooter, was officially revealed at Gamescom 2010 by Insomniac Games, the developer of the Resistance and Ratchet & Clank franchises. Ever since the debut of the Resistance franchise on the launch day of Sony's gaming powerhouse, the PS3, shooter fanatics across the globe have fell in love with one of the many great first person shooters this generation. With gamers anxiously waiting to get their hands on one of Insomniac's latest projects, Nick had the opportunity to speak with one of the pioneers of Insomniac Games."

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Nick2120042846d ago

Insomniac Games has unleashed some massive details during GDC and Ryan is teasing even more online details in the interview!

Dante1122846d ago

Sweet, I can't wait to hear the info. The gameplay from the trailer looked pretty fun.

tmanmushroom2846d ago

The multiplayer looks completely redesigned while still retaining some elements from Resistance 1 & 2 multiplayer. I'm liking it :]

LOGICWINS2846d ago

Awesome. R3 is my most anticipated PS3 game this year.

Nick2120042846d ago

What would you guys like to see Insomniac Games add to Resistance 3's multiplayer that has not already been announced? I will be following up with Ryan and would love to pass some of your ideas onto him.

LOGICWINS2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )


Insomniac said that this Resistance is about survival. To survive in a war, you need to stick together. Naturally, members in a squad should be able to spawn next to each other.

telekineticmantis2846d ago

I don't like fighting 4 people all the time. That'll unbalance the game even more.

LarVanian2846d ago

How about the ability to bring in drones (like in KZ3) if you kill a certain number of players?

Biggest2846d ago

Nothing against the general idea of drones (I like them in KZ), but I don't know if they'd fit in the whole "last stand for humanity" theme. They work for KZ only because they were there before.

The squad idea is great. I'd add a MAG element to it in that only area chat works for all. Squad leaders can chat and squads between themselves can chat.

jack_burt0n2846d ago

Do you mean like extra chimera? instead of drones and that be specific to sides. Someone said there is almost no difference between sides that seems a shame imo.

being able to swamp a map in chimera bots as a failing perk.

LarVanian2846d ago

Yeah I was thinking the drones would be exclusive to the Chimera since it would make no sense having the humans use them.

Biggest2846d ago

I like that idea then. But how would they balance the teams? The Chimera are already kinda hax. Lol

LarVanian2846d ago

Well since the drones would be an offensive move I was thinking the humans could have a defensive one to counter it like one player being able to boost everyone's health or shields.

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Holeran2846d ago

I just hope that the co-op online play is good as I was heartbroken when I heard there won't be anymore 8-person co-op any longer. That to me was one of the most fun aspects of any game to come around in a long time. When you got a group of friends together to fight the huge battles it was epic and was the most fun a lot of us had in years, if the upgradeing of weapons and loadouts had been expanded more and had taken longer to do I'm sure everyone would of played the 8 person co-op that much longer. Everyone I played with had all of thier characters 100% upgraded before we started playing anything else. I love person vs person but 8 people against giant monsters when you thought you might not be able to make it was excellent.

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