Cliffy B Mocks PlayStation Move

Cliff Bleszinski – a man who’s notoriously known by PS3 owners due to his remarks about the console – has spoken about the PlayStation Move and consequently mocking it.

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Raendom2814d ago

Oh, Cliff. You so CRAYZAY.

BakedGoods2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

I bet he's getting lots of use outta his Kinect...

...probably be the only one.

darthv722814d ago

that is just disrespectful to bill gates.

It is steve ballmer now.

garypaytonglove2814d ago

Offensive and awesome all rolled into one.

paintsville2814d ago Show
MAJ0R2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

cliffy b trolling again lol

Statix2814d ago Show
DaTruth2814d ago

Dude, why so defensive? You would think Kinect was "yo mama"!

It's just a peripheral, relax!

Statix2814d ago

@DaTruth: I'm guessing he's one of those loyal Xbox fans who OBVIOUSLY gets oh-so-much playtime out of his "amazing" Kinect. Lolololololol...

If he even has a Kinect, I guarantee you it's collecting dust, and he hasn't touched it in months. I guarantee you.

Jezuz2814d ago

so you are assuming now?

DelbertGrady2814d ago

Move is nothing like ice cream! How dare he!? It's nothing like the Wii either! Who said that!?

Touchy fanboys are touchy.

Dee_912814d ago

Cliffy B
Fanboys take 2 steps forward to reconcile Cliffy helps them take 10 steps back ...
Congrats old man

zag2814d ago

How the heck is the Kinect, sexy?

It's the same size as a small dog.

Spydiggity2814d ago

oh, the ego of the all the fanboys that have nothing to do with the creation, or lack of success, of their console of choice. makes me laugh.

Cenobia2814d ago


Actually it is probably staring at his dreamy eyes while he plays games, wishing it had an orifice to give him.

Anon19742814d ago

"A man who’s notoriously known by PS3 owners due to his remarks about the console"

Really? To my knowledge in an interview he stated he hated the PS3 controller then listed off a bunch of PS3 games he liked. How does that equal "notorious known by PS3 owners"?

Exaggerate much?

And as for his comments on Move, he thinks it looks funny and doesn't want any more controllers. I agree with both sentiments - but still think Move can be a lot of fun. I hardly see this as "mocking" the Move controller.

A little less tabloid and a little more story, if you please.

gamingdroid2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Yeah, he is just making innocent jokes about PS Move. He said nothing about it's capability, and everything jokingly and also his preference.

If any of you got insulted by what CliffyB said, congratulations you are a fanboy!

Now that you recognize it, do something about it!!!

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darthv722814d ago

i could see myself pulling off the chainsaw action using the move in a lancer mockup.

AndrewRyan2814d ago

Move and Kinect are lame. All that money could be going toward 1st party studios.

kneon2814d ago

Actually the move works quite well. I've completed KZ3 using only the Move with the Sharpshooter and I'm about half way through on elite without ever using the DS3.

FinalSpartan2814d ago

GEARS OF WAR 3 what move? wii wannabe.

hiredhelp2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

GEARS OF WAR 3 what move? wii wannabe.
----------------------------- ------------
For thoes who dont know this. Move was being made b4 the wii remote and numchuck.

nintendo couldnt copy that of sony so they went infrared. started with the eyetoy. yes and the move was in development i beleave 8 or so years back took that long to pefect. infact they tryed the infrared tech way b4 nintendo but found flaws. they couldnt do what they had in mind.

thing is with the jap's they see things b4 the rest of the world technology wise. when i say see i mean they think and bring us new tech. years b4 launch worldwide.

darthv722814d ago

Sony shelved it and nintendo released their own. This made sony go back to the drawing board and make it better.

They can claim they did it first but nintendo is the one that made the $$$ from it first. It doesnt matter who did it first...what matters is who can profit from it the most.

Bathyj2814d ago

"what matters is who can profit from it the most. "

To you maybe, Darthstockholder.

To me, I only care who puts it in good games I want. And they dont have to be first either, it just has to be good.

Just try Killzone dude. If you're actually a gamer it will be hard to resist the controls.

stonecold32814d ago

and kinect is and eye toy wannabee

No Way2814d ago

I know, or supposedly, Sony has been workin on it for like 10 years..
But, is there any idea how long Ninty was working on the idea?

Just wondering..

dragon822814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

Actually, all that matters is which one works the best. Move is by far the best motion controller for hardcore games. I can use Move to play through KZ3 without ever touching a DS3 and the experience actually improves. Can you say the same about Kinect or Wiimote?

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Christopher2814d ago

***I don’t want anymore frigging plastic on my coffee table; that’s why Kinect was sexy to me.***

Surprisingly, I'm finding that I don't want anymore plastic cluttering up my media center. At least with controllers I can throw those in a drawer. My PS3 Eye and Kinect cameras just aren't as easy to get out of site and back into being ready for use.

krouse932814d ago

It's funny because you can't have a coffee table in your living room if you want to play kinect!

strickers2814d ago

Excellent line gold5225.Bubbles.

disturbing_flame2814d ago

"I don’t want anymore frigging no more jumping action, verticality, in my TPS games; that’s why Uncharted was sexy to me."

FIXED for you dear cliffy ;)

TBM2814d ago

meh i never pay attention to anything he says anyway. to me he's just a person who runs his mouth a lot.

Blacksand12814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

He just won't his game on the PS3 to just like Mass and portal they talk about Sony and the PS3 after it all over that won't to make a game for PS3 and bite on there words.

xtremeimport2814d ago

its great when the most important thing is how the device looks and how much space it takes, opposed to how it performs.

but, you cant please them all.

I frankly still dont like motion at all.

RBLAZE19882814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

right so instead of more plastic on his coffee table he got more plastic to put infront of his tv or mount on his wall and rearrange his furniture so he has 8 feet in front of the tv clear. Cause that's soo much better...whatever I mean he's a shill for microsoft so I wouldn't expect anything less from him anyway

DigitalAnalog2814d ago

Why do I get the feeling that Cliffy B is a hiding behind a username on N4G? Anyways, aside from trolling, you do realize he's trying to rile up the PS3 fanboys? I guess he must be that bored at work.

-End statement

SIX2814d ago

Sounds like your typical fanboy you find on N4G.

frostypants2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Cliffy should be more focused on making original games. When is he gonna take off the Unreal Engine training wheels? C'mon man, you've been playing the same tune for years. It's ok to try new things.

The guy is a poor-man's David Jaffe.

I'm starting to think Cliffy is nothing more than a marketing spokesperson these days.

lil Titan2813d ago

somebody wants attention

ps3destroyer2813d ago

Yeah and Kojima who bashes a competitive product is not CRAYZAY because he's a ps3 fanboy huh?

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Ve3tro2814d ago

Ice cream cones, lols.

GodsHand2814d ago

Maybe he meant ice cream scoop, because I never seen an ice cream cone look like that.

BenEViolent2814d ago

Scoops go on the cone.

Here a picture of them, just in case you've never seen it in action:

GodsHand2813d ago


Here is a picture of a ice cream scoop, just incase you never seen one in action.

scroll a little down the page., that is one of many variations.

Goeres2814d ago

Yea, turn GeoW into the next harry potter rail shooter game. [email protected]

helghan2814d ago

This dude is clearly xbot fanboy.

Raendom2814d ago

The two American loud-mouth developers : Cliffy B and David Jaffe:

Who wins? (I've been meaning to ask this for a while as I see them as VERY SIMILAR but also worlds apart, David appears more mature but Cliffy is less cynical of everything)

doctorstrange2814d ago


I would pay good money to see that

GamerSciz2814d ago

David Jaffe is brutally honest. Some people can't handle that, in fact a lot of people can't. But jaffe tells you how it is, and he doesn't care who he's talking to. Cliffy B on the other hand is a younger very successful guy within the games industry due to GeOW being as big as it is and I feel Cliffy has let the "fame" go to his head. It shows by his blatant fanboyism and immature remarks.

nycredude2814d ago

Jaffe would beat cliffy b into a pulp with one hand while he playtested twisted metal with the other hand.

Cliffy B is still trying to remove the wedgie he sustained in Junior High outta his ass.

OneSneakyMofo2814d ago

After seeing Jaffe own Olivia Munn with witty comebacks, I think Jaffe would take Cliffy B.

madpuppy2814d ago

I was never a big fan of Jaffe, but, after what happened with Olivblah Munn I have a lot more respect for him. rather than standing there and oogling her like a moron while she proves what and idiot she is, he actually sticks it to her and asks if Morgan is around.

frostypants2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Jaffe makes original games with a lot of variety. Cliffy just cranks out Unreal Engine shooters and spends the rest of his time mugging for photo ops. Let's not pretend they're at the same level.

They're both obnoxious. But one has far more vision and talent.

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tmoss7262814d ago

They clearly don't make games for PS3 and Xbox 360. /s

coojo2814d ago

and helghan is clearly a ps3 fanboy.

rob60212813d ago

He's trying to get the loyal xbox people on his side so gears 3 will sell another load of games, and yea of course he's going to downplay the move. Everyone getting on board because move actually improves shooters, unlike kinect means less sales for Gears. He never allowed himself to like the thing because he's scared what the move and the sharpshooter might do to his business. He's a businessman not a fanboy.

bluwulf2813d ago (Edited 2813d ago )

Jaffe doesn't trash talk competition? He talks about the state of gaming.. One makes original games and says he doesn't care about the sales...

the other calls himself tony stark...

and makes Sony jokes every time theres a mic in front of him..
Hes dancing for the Xbots. Nothing wrong with that, but don't compare the two when they have no similarities.

Cliffy B never responds to his comments/detractors at all. As far as he knows, Gears2's online worked perfectly, and its the best game ever.

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