Do You Enjoy JRPGs Anymore?

There was once a time when the only way one could enjoy an in-depth story, crazy blue eyed characters with purple hair, and a game that would not be bested unless you sunk 40+ hours meant playing some form of JRPG. Has this genre lost its appeal though?

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Godmars2902844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

Not on HD consoles. They should have been more than slightly upgraded PS2 titles with only larger empty areas to wonder around in.

There's also the idiotic realtime, MMO gameplay style they - again HD tiltes - all have.

Christopher2844d ago

Personally haven't enjoyed the ones I've played. Would love to see a Rogue Galaxy for this gen of consoles. Very much enjoyed that game on the PS2 or something similar. Would definitely get me back into them.

NewMonday2844d ago

They make good JRPGs anymore.

Last GREAT JRPGs I played were lost odyssey, Tales of Vesperiea, Persona 4, Valkuria Chronicles, devil survivor. So its 2 years now without a great JRPG.

FF13 was decent, nothing more.

Reibooi2844d ago

I have enjoyed more J-RPGs this gen then western ones.

Lost Odyssey, Valkyria Chronicles, Disgaea 3, Final Fantasy XIII(Yeah I liked it so what) Tales of Vesperia and so on and so forth. And thats not even counting handhelds.

On the other hand the only real western RPG i have truly and really enjoyed has been Mass Effect 2

Istanbull2844d ago

Valkyria Chronicles and Lost Odyssey are the only great "next gen" rpgs.

The amount and quality of JRPG is pathetic compared to what it was 10 years ago.

You have this company like SE that thinks JRPG is nothing more than CGI.

They forgot the most important aspect of JRPG: story telling.

I miss those good ole Legend of the Dragoon, Xenogears, Chrono Trigger, Skies of Arcadia, Lufia, Terranigma, FFVI, Grandia times...

Man In Black2844d ago

Played Star Ocean 4, great combat system, but terrible fucking story and characters, with shit voice acting and bad controls (large analogue stick dead zones, annoying camera that zooms in or out if you want to just look vertically). Also, the general look of the game make me feel like throwing up. Not sure why exactly.

Crystallis2844d ago

I didnt even think the combat system was that great in SO4. It felt like a rushed title and felt like all the other Star ocean games. I was disappointed with SO4.

Sprudling2844d ago

In SO4 you could enable japanese voices.

baodeus2844d ago

even with that, it doesn't helps with the acting in cutscene. I thought i could even act or do better than that. Seriously, they need to hire some other guys for the cutscene or story telling, cause it is so horrible in SO4.

iamtehpwn2844d ago

The genre hasn't lost it's appeal. The Problem with the genre is that it isn't delivering what we used to enjoy so much about it.

firefoxprime2844d ago

What do you expect?

You have FPS as the breadwinner for the whole freakin industry. Every year we get some rehash COD title, with minor tweeks and the fools/people eat it up. Money TALKS.

Then you have the Jap- devs/publishers/companies that see games more as an art and barely lean to shaders and such. Majority of the best jap games this gen are on HANDHELDS. Those handhelds tote ps2 level graphics, which is where Jap games always shined best. They don't care that much for Juggarnaut number crunching graphics(except squenix).

So yeah, this gen is a mess. Just think of how many smaller co's died. Acclaim, Eidos, Midway, and many others.

darkziosj2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

the only jrpg that i enjoyed at max this gen was lost oddysey the other ones are just "ok"

Godmars2902844d ago

Any point is asking why I'm getting so many disagrees, yet most if not all following comments seem to agree?

Most JRPGs on HD consoles - the 360 and PS3 both - either suck, didn't deliver or weren't "traditional" JRPGs.

Crystallis2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

You are dealing with a different generation. I agree with you, keep the same formula but add bigger worlds etc.

tablav2844d ago

I didn't disagree, but I think your wording is what caused the disagrees. You refer to HD consoles not producing good JRPGs. People click disagree because they want to defend their systems I guess.

In fairness though, it's nothing to do with the consoles. It's the generational gap that's affected the quality of JRPGs. The western gamer is where a lot of the money is, so Japanese developers try to make 'westernized' JRPGs, which often go horribly wrong. The reason the 'real-time' battle system is so popular is because it's simpler, therefore it's meant to be easier to jump into.

Unfortunately, this can be overdone, as in the case of FF13. Real JRPG fans don't want to be spoon fed.

MariaHelFutura2844d ago

Versus is one of my most anticipated games.

siliticx2844d ago

sadly, its not a JRPG in the traditionnal sense. close, but not really.

Sprudling2844d ago

There are hardly any genres that are the same as they were just 10 years ago. It's nothing special that JRPGs have changed too.

Reibooi2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )


How you can say that when everything Nomura has said and showed seems to imply that Versus is going to be just like the Final Fantasy games of yesteryear but with a incredibly beefed up world and graphics and what not is beyond me.

I mean from everything we have heard it's going to be a far more traditional J-RPG then anything we have gotten this gen so far.

siliticx2840d ago


Watch the gameplay trailer.
It's an action-style game
a la crisis core/Kingdom hearts

Very far away from old school ATB

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gravemaker2844d ago

we need more classic jrpg, not these abominations

gravemaker2844d ago

i agree, its good in its own way

bgrundman2844d ago

I love the portable ones, but on a console they just seem to deprecated.

BeaArthur2844d ago

Not like I used to but I still play and enjoy them. Liked FF13 and Tales of Vesperia.

Neckbear2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

I don't generalize JRPGs as a single game, and acknowledge that there are bad, and good, games in the genre.

Personally, I'm looking foward to Disgaea 4, Tales of Graces f and Ar Tonelico Qoga, among others, this year. Might not get extraordinary reviews, but I honestly love those series.

I also enjoy them more than highly-rated AAA super-mega-budget games, hilariously.

Moreover, I feel that the general disappointment that JRPGs are seeing are because of two things; first off, the lack of a super-budget, heavily-hyped and completly-recognizeable big-name JRPG series. Final Fantasy did this before, but, well...yeah.

Second, it's the migration of JRPGs towards Portables. Let's not fool ourselves here, the best works this generation are in the DS and PSP. Examples of this? C'mon, just look at the latest releases: Radiant Historia, Z.H.P., etcetera.

So, yeah.


Yes, I still enjoy them. And you should too, but sadly there are factors that have earned JRPGs this generation an ugly reputation.

Ah, well.

Moreover, regarding the article itself...