Fans Request The Darnedest Call Of Dutys

Kotaku: A real Call of Duty fan letter as shared online by Robert Bowling, creative strategist at Call of Duty Modern Warfare studio Infinity Ward.

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-Mezzo-2844d ago

LOL, those are some weird suggestions, but he got 1 thing right, "Make your Next Call Of Duty (Your Own Thing").

Warprincess1162844d ago

Im not usually a grammar nazi but omg. I seriously think a 5th grader wrote that. I really hope a grown man did not write that letter.

-Mezzo-2844d ago

I agree, grammar is way of, i myself suck at Grammar as English is not my First language, maybe English is not his first language as well.

marioPSUC2844d ago

What I want to see is them to just take another leap and do something entirely different. Like the big risk they took from COD3 (WWII) to COD4 (modern war). And a new game engine, cause its looking quite dated (but thats not going to happen atleast not in the next game)