Does Majora's Mask Appear in Zelda: Skyward Sword?

The recently released trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Skyward Sword has revealed some great gameplay elements. Of course, the trailer also had a few secrets of its own, which some eagle-eyed viewers have spotted. One of them was the image above. Does it show Skull Kid wearing the Major's Mask or something similar?

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cochise3132814d ago

I think majora's mask was under appreciated.

swice2814d ago

I completely, totally agree with you

RockmanII72814d ago

I was watching a LP of OoT yesterday and I realized that the sage of the light temple was an ancient sage, so it's probably likely that since this is a prequel to OoT that he will be in it (that means that other sages will be in it too). Also since this is a prequel to OoT and it was in OoT than Ganondorf first rose to power that he probably won't be the games final boss.

Infiny2814d ago (Edited 2814d ago )

You may disagree, but i don't think storyline between Zeldas are really in their concerns when developing a new Zelda title.

I mean, OoT, Majoras and TP may have connections, but that's not the main focus of a Zelda game.

Personally, i dont care much about the "Zelda Saga", since if you stop to analyse it.. it's kind of an awkwardly improvisation after the first Zeldas, since the first ones didn't have any connection whatsoever.

But that's my opinion of course... and i can't wait for Skyward Sword to come out. =P

HOSe2814d ago

how can you tell with the muddy/bland graphics? :D

kite222814d ago

im glad they they put a default stance b4 link looked like a retard running with his sword out

Smacktard2814d ago

That could be literally ANYTHING.

Looks like a spider hanging from the ceiling -- you know, the ones with the deadly-looking symbols on their back/

Smacktard2814d ago

Disagree? The pattern on its back matches the exact same pattern as the one on the back of the spider at the first of the trailer.