Black Ops DLC brings PSN down

PSN was today graced by the Black Ops DLC. However, it has brought a horrible problem to the service. Users can't sign into the service. This has been going on for a matter of hours and users are commonly greeted with an 'error' message. Hopefully it will be fixed soon enough, although the demand is expectedly HUGE.

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RayRay362816d ago

Good. Less sales they'll get.

Warprincess1162816d ago

Im seriously disappointed at the PS3 users. I thought we were smarter than this. Why are they rushing to buy a overpriced map pack.

FAGOL2816d ago

Main reason = Zombies. Yh it's overpriced but nearly everyone will split the cost and share the dlc. So it ends up being pretty cheap.

guigsy2816d ago

"I thought we were smarter than this"

Why do you know all of them? N4G doesn't represent the views/buying habits of the entire PS3 community.

-Alpha2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

I don't understand why you assume PS3 users are smarter when COD has been the leading FPS franchise on PS3 and when MW2 broke PSN records. Pretty sad, eh?

The "we" you refer to only covers N4G/Internet PS3 fans, who are a poor sample of the whole.

And, I'll say it for the hundredth time, it's not overpriced, it's just really expensive.

$3/map is standard price

zeeshan8102816d ago

Dude if 1 user buys it his/her friends can pay him/her a small price to have that DLC downloaded to their PS3.
3 friends can share 1 Downloaded game.

ChristianGamer2816d ago

I think its time people realised that PS3 gamers are just like all other gamers. I know a couple here like to believe they are all elite and mature and only buy distinctive games like heavy rain and such, well this simply isn't true, well at least not for the majority of them. We are all the same, what company we support does not make us any better than the other. I love you all

badz1492816d ago

even the DLC glitches the PSN! /s

Motorola2816d ago

I bought it for zombies. Only thing that keeps CoD alive

BlackHairyTongue2815d ago

If buying the map packs for a game I enjoy makes me stupid, then I don't wanna be smart!

jadenkorri2812d ago

what i traded Bops in for Killzone 3...phew, glad i did.

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xAlmostPro2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

It wasn't actually down, just extremely slow.

Plus i doubt it was because everyone was paying for them. Alot of people gameshare which involves making new accounts at the same time etc.

For example i got the map pack from a friend who got them from his friend, and a bunch of 5 other guys all paid one guy(by chipping in like 2 quid) and gameshared from him :P

They haven't earned as much as you think with these mappacks ;)

P.S the latest ps3 blackops patch has been the best so far, it's removed alot of lag issues which in term has made things like hit detection better. The matchmaking is now very speedy.

This is coming from a guy on the verge of trading black ops into gamestatiion btw.

xJumpManx2816d ago

That is to funny. After hearing all the whining PS3 users where doing over xbox getting it first.

Scotty0562816d ago

Yeah? Was that supposed to be a crack at us? Just becuase people were upset it was timed doesn't mean that they won't buy it...

xJumpManx2816d ago

It was a crack at all those whiny users who were crying and screaming foul language at Treyarch. If you were not one of them it was not a crack at you.

Scotty0562816d ago

Still how does that even work? Like I said, just because people were upset doesn't mean they won't buy it.

PantherDST2816d ago

Are people really still playing that game? I've beaten it twice, played zombies, leveled up in MP and already moved on to other games such as KilZone3 and BulletStorm.

Apocwhen2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

Are people still asking this silly question?

They must be still playing it if it's the only franchise game to bring the PSN store to its knees. It happened with MW2, and now again with Black Ops.

So yeah, I would say the majority of users are still playing it.

HmongAmerican2816d ago

the map pack bring a lot of player back actually myself included. KZ3 mp was alright but the long load time turn me off.

xJumpManx2816d ago

Black Ops is so much better than KZ3 for multiplayer.

marioPSUC2816d ago

meanwhile at Activision-Cash just keeps rolling in

they havent even fixed the game and yet so many people were downloading it, it crashed PSN

xAlmostPro2816d ago

The latest patch pretty much fixed it actually.

Of course people still bought it but the guys that complained about the game being broken werew probably the hardcore gamer types who visit such sites like this, where as the casual gamers would still buy it anyway. Not only that most hardcore gamers probably gameshared, such as myself.

NotSoSilentBob2816d ago

Never had any troubles connecting to GT5 races. Tried a few KZ3 matchs a little bit more lag but not a deal breaker. Must be a Rumor.

madpuppy2816d ago

It was a problem with accessing the store, I went on just to DL my freebies and it took forever to get on. it kept throwing a number error at me.

--------2816d ago (Edited 2816d ago )

You could log in and play games fine, it was everything else that was down. There's a 52+ page thread about it on the official Playstation forums, with posts from mods and staff.

"Iv been charged 6 times for the map packs, and you have now put me in my overdraft ,which i will now be getting charged for, this is unaceptable from a company as big as sony, i hope to be funded in full today!!1"

^ I don't care what ANYONE says, people who love Black Ops are retarded.

NotSoSilentBob2816d ago

The guy who posted about being charged 6 times for Black Opps is at fault for trying to buy it 6 stupid times.

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