Hookedcast #35 - The Big Killzone 3 Debate

After each of them playing through Killzone 3 and Jeff posting his review, the team go to war about how good the game was. Bane uses his harsh criticism whilst Jeff gets passionate.

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BaneWilliams2843d ago (Edited 2843d ago )

I totally would have titled this Hookedcast #35 - Killzone 3 Sucks. and has a picture of a helghast with a turd on it.

I'm also 5 years old.

Pixelated_Army2843d ago

There is no debate. Gamers love it meanwhile critics want to make an issue out of nothing just to get more page views.

BaneWilliams2842d ago

obviously stated by someone who hasn't listened to the program. The debate was between two of the cast members about whether it deserved a perfect rating and what flaws existed within the game.

trounbyfire2842d ago (Edited 2842d ago )

no mp3 download for a audio only podcast...not cool

found it i had to get on my PC because my ps3 wouldn't go to the archive page.

trounbyfire2842d ago

well you guys need to know that the planet helghan is a radioactive planet which is why the ship explosion caused the entire planet to have a chemical reaction.

sev and gang new that stahl was on the ship because it was stahl ship. when they were on the space elevator they saw them firing on each other stahl. next they stole helghast ships and followed stahl to the new cruiser.

they tried to blow the ship up but like i said a chain reaction happened.

i to would have liked to see sev atlest arrive on vekta.

no offence but you guys don't understand the history and whats actually happening. you got some of it but not all and the key things that were said and done .send me a pm if you have questions and i'll explain it all.

like KZ2 the sub plots are more important than the missions and overall plot

trounbyfire2842d ago

also stahl was going to kill them all on tv for the nation to see and increase is popularity. Sev was suppose to be on the way remember and rico saved him but they couldn't find narville's transport ship.