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Joni-Ice2574d ago

OOoooo. Yeah lets see a demo.

limewax2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

Yeah demo please! read the added features. This could make things a bit easier on devs and give them some more faetures to access.

Nice little GDC gift but would like some screenshots at least

UnSelf2574d ago


SuperStrokey11232574d ago

What was made with the previous versions of the engine?

dangert122574d ago

good question this to i would also like to know

NewMonday2574d ago

Its Japan devs and Sony 1st party that use it moste.

B1663r2573d ago

bubble subtracted for being unable to spell moist.

ian722573d ago

You subtract a bubble for not spelling moist right?
He wasn't even trying to say moist it was most, so its you who needs bubbles subtracting for spelling most as moist.

dangert122574d ago

Oh is that it =/
guess 3rd party devs wont care to much about it lol

DelbertGrady2574d ago

It's not completely correct though.

"Race Driver: GRID uses Codemasters' own Ego engine, an updated version of the Neon engine already being used in their previous release Colin McRae: DiRT."

NiKK_4192574d ago

yep that's where i remember this engine from, flow and flower, didn't know about demon souls though

BISHOP-BRASIL2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )


But Neon was based of Phyre.

EDIT: here's a link

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MGRogue20172574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

There's a list here..

We both posted the same link at the same time... lol -.-

OllieBoy2574d ago

A lot of great PSN games, plus Demon's Souls.

topgeareasy2574d ago (Edited 2574d ago )

too late

theonlylolking2574d ago

No it is not since some devs still use unreal engine and dont know how to make a good PS3 engine or game.

topgeareasy2574d ago

not the engine

posting the wiki link

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Masterchef20072574d ago

Would love to see a demo of this as well

Hazmat132574d ago

a brand new flower demo would be cool that game beautiful.

Tommykrem2574d ago

Journey will still be running on the old one, or?
Anyway, Grid and Dirt is listed even though they are made with Ego or Neon engine or whatever. I think the PS3 port is handled with aid of Phyreengine though.


Ego is a modfied version of Neon, which itself is based of PSSG (which was the early name of PhyreEngine).

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