Halo: Reach launching on Marketplace on March 15

Microsoft’s confirmed that Halo: Reach, Bungie’s final title in the series, will release on March 15.

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Blaze9292762d ago

I see they are picking up the pace with putting full games on Games on Demand. Halo Reach has only been out 6 months or so. Not too bad. No more 1-2 year old titles only.

Get it closer to release date launches and that'll be good.

xstation792762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

I would love it if they would put new games on their release date right at midnight on games on demand.

SixZeroFour2762d ago

might eventually lead to that...having both digital and hard copies sold side by side catering to both sides, those that like the hard copies, waiting in line and getting swag, and to those that dont care and just want the game at release

guigsy2762d ago

That was quick. Is ODST even on the marketplace yet?

Belasco2762d ago

This would be the fix for multi disk, which is great if you didnt get the base system.