GDC 2011: Debunking Dead Island

Excited to play Dead Island? Then forget all about that cool trailer.

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Caligula2786d ago

I didn't think it was going to be anything at all like the trailer. I've learned through years of media consumption that trailers mean absolutely nothing in the long run.

RedDead2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

I learned my lesson from the Ps3 'tech demo's" in 2005

Rynx2786d ago (Edited 2786d ago )

Something tells me you don't have a PS3.

Maybe It's me...


BK-2012786d ago

Sony delivered on those tech demos for the most part.

Forbidden_Darkness2786d ago

Great job of bringing fanboyism into a nuetral story.

Hope your mother is proud.

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Headquarters112786d ago

I've learned my lesson from all the Halo trailers that have come out. Game always turns out to be the same crap, with a boring campaign.

Philoctetes2786d ago

Agreed. I still remember how I saw that tech demo for Killzone 2, and then when the actual game came out it was . . . wait, what was your point again?

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kesvalk2786d ago

wasn't that a neutral story?


BDSE2786d ago

Something tells me you only own an XBOX 360.

HappyGaming2786d ago

No Killzone 2 really doesn't play like in the trailer...

Killzone 2 has better fire effects some better helghast animations and better ai.

In the 2005 trailer the helghasts look like boring mindless enemies in killzone 2 they are sneaky devious little bastards.

Maybe you haven't player Killzone 2 I can't see how you could say that the 2005 trailer seemed to have better gameplay than KZ2.

It was miles worst.

Oh and...

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Caligula2786d ago

eesh. Didn't mean to start a war over this. I'm still looking forward to the game as the rest of it sounds interesting.

Gungnir2786d ago

Even though the two are totally different, it sounds like might still be fun to play.

B00kman2786d ago

Hey! At least we can look back and enjoy the trailer, right.... right? Great article

Sadie21002786d ago

Yeah, I agree. Just enjoy the trailer separately from the game, and it's win-win.

Wizziokid2786d ago

I'll judge for myself when I see some gameplay

joystiq gave the game praise in there article

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