Amazon taking Balls of Steel pre-orders again resumed taking pre-orders for the Balls of Steel limited edition of Duke Nukem Forever yesterday. They mysteriously stopped accepting pre-orders of the Balls of Steel edition sometime last month which had a few fans worried.

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Burning_Finger2696d ago

I got my BALLS already.. :)

DelbertGrady2696d ago

Balls balls BALLS of STEEL!

rebirthofcaos2696d ago

same, but im worried that this will not be a really limited edition.

jay22696d ago

My balls will be stealing soon as well!

ChrisGTR12696d ago

dont click the site, its full of spam

Deathstroke2696d ago

It's not full of spam, it's full of shit.

SuperSaiyan42696d ago

tons of absolute rubbish in that collectors edition

Xander7562696d ago

Well the bust is pretty cool.

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