Konami announces Battle: Los Angeles

Konami Digital Entertainment, Inc. today announced Battle: Los Angeles, a new first-person shooter game.

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ilikecookies2570d ago

My face and my palm connected with such palpable force that the only thing preventing the resulting shock-wave from annihilating the planet was the deep sigh which followed.

SuperbVillain2570d ago

If the movie is good,then the game has potential to be good.But since these movie games are always rushed with not as much effort put into them,this game will likely suck

lochdoun2570d ago

How many COD clones do we need?

SnakeMustDie2570d ago

Konami should bring back Coded Arms Assault. That is a FPS that I would want to play on the PS3 considering that I loved the original Coded Arms on the PSP.

Godmars2902570d ago

But what does that have to do with alien invasions?

dkgshiz2570d ago

The movie probably is going to suck. The game will suck even more. Battle:LA looks like a mix between District 9 and Independence Day.

Forbidden_Darkness2570d ago

"A mix between District 9 and Independence Day."

And that's a bad thing?

Baka-akaB2570d ago (Edited 2570d ago )

given how abysmal independance day is , i'd say yes :p .

More seriously at least the action was great back then

dkgshiz2570d ago

Have you seen the director of the movie? Guy sucks ass.

Kran2570d ago

Both great movies. What you talkin about fool?

Daver2570d ago

The movie looks awesome! and District 9 and Independance day were both great

NateCole2570d ago

lol! those are two of some of the best sci-fi movies in recent years.

Apparently its has similar special effects to Skyline which is the only good thing about that movie.

I like what i am seeing with Battle:LA. In other alien invasion movies the military are completely useless. Not in this one and its a full scale war for once.

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