Age of Empires Online: ‘Better with Kinect Sensor’?

From the 123Kinect article: "Just as we thought Kinect could not get any better, we want to believe we need to, again, reshift our expectations. One of the best RTS franchises from the past (Age of Empires) has recently gone Beta on the PC, and by the looks of it, it may be ‘better with Kinect Sensor‘."

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eggbert2815d ago

by kinect sensor, I believe they mean mouse and keyboard.

chak_2815d ago

haha I hope so.

Seriously, first cartoon look, then free to play, and now kinect?

That's heavy there.

Xof2815d ago

...How could kinect possibly be a better interface for anything? Let alone an RTS?

Unless they're going the AoE3 route, and are making a really bad RTS again. Which seems likely.

And AoE Online? Has there ever been an AoE game that wasn't online?


It's sad that one of the best game series' of old has become one of the worst these days.

Xof2815d ago

Hm, interesting video... but it's still just a "gimmick." That's not a new means of control, just substiting kinect for a mouse. Less precise, less efficitient... I can't see it having much impact in the genre.

Of course, what do I know. I thought Homeworld's 3D combat and Shogun Total War's emphasis on realism would have revolutionized the RTS genre, but those games didn't really have much of an impact.