L.A. Noire: "The Naked City" Video

From Rockstar:

"“The Naked City”

In the Vice desk case “The Naked City” (available as a pre-order bonus through GameStop in the U.S. and Canada, and through Game in the UK), Cole Phelps investigates the apparent suicide of a stunning fashion model. When the young beauty is tragically found naked in her bathroom amidst a pool of pills, the most likely conclusion is that she’s taken her own life. But what about those bruises? And her taste for luxury beyond her means? It soon becomes apparent that this young lady wasn’t quite the ingénue some believed her to be."

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Blaze9292762d ago

This exclusive retail stuff is kind of stupid. No one is gonna buy the game 3-4 times just to get the complete version. Shouldn't be a decision making process of where to buy games now. Getting out of hand.

Sure you can always get the missed incentives later but you're going to have to pay for them.

But whining aside, the game looks hella good.

ProA0072762d ago (Edited 2762d ago )

just pre-order from everywhere then return the copies you don't need after getting the codes ;)

Blaze9292762d ago

funny but that's a major waste of time

I_find_it_funny2762d ago

The Naked City is a great movie

Domer252762d ago

Yep. really looking forward to this game...

JasonXE2762d ago

pre ordered at gamestop. dont care about the other stuff

RyuDrinksTheDew2762d ago

i pre-ordered this the first day they were accepting them.

cant wait!!

JeffGUNZ2762d ago

When is the offical release date?

Reborn2762d ago

"Take-Two has confirmed the release date for L.A. Noire. The game will ship on May 17, 2011 in North America and May 20 in Europe."

zeeshan8102762d ago

Umm you can purchase all the DLCs later, when R* releases them on PSN and on XboxLIVE.

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