Steam Guard announced, 'greatly increases account security'

Valve has announced a new Steam and Steamworks feature called Steam Guard, which it says will give users greatly increased account security.

It allows members to link the management of their account to a specific PC, and makes attempts to modify or change account settings by any other PC impossible without the user's approval.

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MAJ0R2844d ago

cool feature it will definitely prevent hackers from doing anything

Ranshak2844d ago

Good job Valve. Other DD networks should stop complaining and learn why Valve has the majority of the PC market.

joydestroy2844d ago (Edited 2844d ago )

didn't someone try to sue them or something because they were becoming a monopoly in the DD industry?

all i could do was lol at that (the lawsuit or whatever it was). they're doing so well because they actually know wtf they're doing now.

Tony-Red-Grave2843d ago

a monopoly would be somehow having exclusivity of the DD market which they don't have the DD market is an open market just that valve is offering the best features for free and are treating the PC gamers better then everyone else don't see how any company can just decide to sue that.

that aside since its an open market if anyone wants to compete with steam they can but they gotta do a damn fine job of pleasing their consumer base well that momenterly off topic sorry people.

radphil2843d ago

They're complaining because they can't find ways to rip people off. :p

SuperStrokey11232844d ago

SOunds good, i cant get to the site right now so could someone clarify what happens if my old PC dies and i need to replace it? How do I change the specific PC?

outwar60102844d ago

A cool feature would be to recommend games based on your system specs

Tony-Red-Grave2843d ago

the fact steam doesnt have that pissedme off i tried playing crysis 2 on full settings and welll yea it was terrible but what woukld be great is for them to have/add a nice opton which shows you the list of games your system can handle then you cana filter it by FPS so the game you get could play at its best 24/7 intead of screwing after you got it

outwar60102843d ago

i have a pretty awesome netbook and dont rely know its bounderies how do you think i feel? (ive used cyri and it says loads of things cant work on it like ages of empire 3 but it works flawlessly and im thinking of getting halflife 2) ps my netbook is acer aspire one 521

distorted_reality2843d ago

Cool sounding feature, although only idiots lose their accounts in the first place imo.

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