SCEA Cutting PSP Go Price To $149.99

A week after discounting its older PSP-3000 models to $129.99, Sony has cut the MSRP for its UMD-less, digital download-focused PSP Go by $50 to $149.99 in North America.

Though major retailers haven't yet updated their listings to reflect the new price, Sony Computer Entertainment America has updated its official PSP site to read, "Now you can enjoy the sleek, totally-digital PSP Go system for $149.99 MSRP and the unsurpassed PSP-3000 system for $129.99 MSRP."

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BoNeSaW232846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

Dear Sony,
Why are trying to sell Chili in Arizona in July?
Oh, nobody is buying the GO? So you think it's the price that is the problem? Really? (wink) Good Luck!

Neo Nugget2846d ago

Games like Kingdom Hearts aren't even on it.....

<----has a go.

BoNeSaW232846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

With the NGP on the Horizon the GO is DEAD.
Why would they support a system that couldn't even scratch at the DS or even make a PSP consumer<---ME, lift a eyebrow at it? HUGE mistake on SONY'S part in wasting time and resources in development and advertising when they could have used those resources to elevate their Poratable market into the Next-Gen future product with the NGP?

EDIT: I love the PSP but the GO was a mistake.

Close_Second2846d ago

I prefer the Go its just Sony did not support it on PSN.

Why should I support the NGP? Sony did nothing to support me with the Go.

Shang-Long2846d ago

i want the go. just to play ps1 classics

JoySticksFTW2846d ago (Edited 2846d ago )

One of it's biggest drawbacks was no way to transfer your old UMD titles to the GO.

Sony actually wanted you to rebuy the download version.

It's their call, but you see Blu-ray movies giving you digital version in the same package. Also now what Portal 2 may be doing with adding multiple versions of the game, maybe Sony shouldn't have been so short-sighted.

And this is from someone who buys HD remakes of games. But those give you something different.

If I already own the UMD, I don't want to rebuy essentially same game.

They really should have allowed for free downloads of the titles you own on disk. Or at least heavily discounted.

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BoNeSaW232846d ago

HAHAHA! No. GO was DOA. Time for the bargin bin!

Rynx2846d ago


You are seriously delusional, retarded or under 16. Hell maybe even all of the above.

Of course you didn't you realize that the PSPGo wasn't selling at a loss. So no matter how much they sold, it was all profit. It's so basic to know this that you have to be one of the three or more things that I mentioned you are, to not know this.

The PSPGo was not new tech, UMD less and smaller, production cost could only have been considerably less (or maybe equal to the 3000). The price point was solely to make profit and they did, doesn't matter whether they sold millions or only a few hundred thousand. It was just another iteration, it's not like they marketed as a entirely different system.

The price was indeed the only issue with the PSPGo because, I say this again, it was NOT new tech. So the masses didn't bite to the price, WHO CARES! Sony did not loose anything out of it.

Go to college, learn something kid!

maruyuki2846d ago

actually the price was the only thing that was the problem

no one was going to buy a 250 system when the 3000 was 150

now that its a 20 dollars difference the 3000 wont even sell anymore

Neo Nugget2846d ago

No, it needs better support from Sony. They can't just sit back with big games like Birth by Sleep not make an appearance on one version of their system.

dragunrising2846d ago

@ Neo Nugget- ditto on that one. I sold my PSP Go because many games never showed up on PSN or were delayed.

The price drop is definitely a good thing. I would buy another...I have a hoard of minis, psone, and psp games, however I'm going to wait till NGP comes out and save for that.

FantasyStar2846d ago

Remember when Sony debuted the PSP Go at $250?

Yeah, I laughed a bit too.

kasasensei2846d ago

"Here, take this price cut for this console we're not supporting anymore."
That's a shame. psp go users were fooled since the beginning....

MEGANE2846d ago

its just a litle 2 late!

Raven_Nomad2846d ago

They couldn't give me one of those Epic Fails.

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