The Top Ten Horror Sequels In Video Game History

They raised the bar, upped the ante, and basically scared the crap out of gamers more than the titles they followed. Presenting the The Top Ten horror sequels in video game history!

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I_Guts_I2815d ago

Dead Rising 2 doesn't count as a horror in my book. Not once was i getting goosbumps in that game. Now thats thats said nice list.

Istanbull2815d ago

Whoever puts Dead Rising in a horror list doesn't know what horror means.

MidNite2815d ago

Really good list, I'd replace Dead Rising 2 as well. I thought FEAR 2, had some pretty scary moments...

Ace_19752815d ago (Edited 2815d ago )

Horror can mean a number of things, like comedy horror, which is more or less what Dead Rising is. As for the list, it's pretty awesome. Silent Hill 2 and RE2 are the best sequels to horror games, no question about it. Sad that in this generation with awesome graphics we can't even top them.

OdinFallen2815d ago

That fact that Silent Hill 2 took number 1 and that Dead Rising was on this list invalidates the entire list. Unfortunate.