PlayStation 3 was number one selling console February 2011

According to data compiled by HULIQ News, Sony’s PlayStation 3 was the best-selling console in February 2011 – data that should be backed up by the coming NPD Group report for the month, due in mid-March.

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Abash2605d ago

Good job Killzone 3 bundle

NukaCola2605d ago

The Killzone 3 bundle is such an awesome deal. I saw a few today at the store, and wanted to buy another PS3 just cause.

M-Easy2605d ago

I never heard of this site but its still more creditable than vgchartz.

ChozenWoan2605d ago (Edited 2605d ago )

Until we have OFFICIAL NUMBERS, I'll remain optimistic that this is true. In the mean time I'm treating all predictions as I would VGChahahaha... em... well lets just say grains of salt add up fast.

otherZinc2605d ago

There is no way NPD will say PS3 sold more units than the other 2 consoles. 360 will lead the group.

M4ndat0ry_1nstall2605d ago

I guess I'll write it: the US =/= the world.


HarryMonogenis2605d ago

It's so funny to see people write that whenever the Xbox 360 is seen as the "winner", but as soon as it brings good news for the PlayStation 3 it doesn't matter.

Cataclism02605d ago

because usually the 360 sells better in the usa, but worse than ps3 worldwide. if ps3 takes usa itll get worldwide too

darkdoom30002605d ago

Yeah, because x360 outsells ps3 in the US (i think britan too?)

PS3 usually outsells the 360, worldwide.

If PS3 outsold x360 in the US, then it's obviously gonna outsell the 360 worldwide.

Kran2605d ago

Thats because Europe are trying to get it as much as they can before the 10 day ban ;P

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The story is too old to be commented.