Nintendo's Iwata: WiiWare & DSiWare Have Disappointed

At his keynote speech during GDC 2011, Nintendo president Satoru Iwata admitted that Nintendo’s downloadable games services haven’t performed as well as the competition. He also promised that the 3DS would be the turning point for the company.

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lizard812882819d ago

i agree. i believe, it is the size limit on them. most games can only have about 5 tracks or so. super meat boy couldn't fit on it, and that game isn't some high powered beast. i hope next gen, or even with the 3ds, they remove this stupid size limit.

kesvalk2819d ago

yeah, although there are some gems on the wiiware, like cave story, lostwinds and contra rebirth, the size limit was really bad, and they lost some games as MvC 2 and limbo and such...

darthv722819d ago

Both services can be much better than they are provided nintendo eases up on current restrictions. Allowing more trialware would be a positive thing for both dsi and wii. At least the wii has demos. Maybe they will do the same for the dsi once the 3ds is released.

bitboi2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

they also need to overhaul the UI for their online shops. It's not very user friendly.

Stealth20k2819d ago

1 sentence makes an article now???????

bitboi2819d ago (Edited 2819d ago )

welcome to N4G and the many "news worthy" articles that get submitted here everyday. Some sites just aren't even trying anymore.

RedPawn2819d ago

I hope the 3DS has DL Advance games.

Masterchef20072819d ago

What really disappointed me the most was the online.

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