Bulletstorm DLC: Gun Sonata

"Adrian Chmielarz responded to a tweet, that Bulletstorm DLC will receive new maps for Anarchy mode and Echoes mode. The DLC will feature achievements/trophies and completely new Echoes maps i.e. Not related to singleplayer."

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chak_2841d ago

already? Don't they feel ashamed?

And don't people buying that feel ripped off?

Raptura2841d ago

Dead Space 2, Killzone 3, Bulletstorm - They're all releasing DLC soon after the games release.

despair2841d ago

I have no problem with quick DLC, its when its on disk paid DLC and when the limit the retail game to force people to get the DLC to get the complete experience(MvC3 for instance).

MadMax2841d ago

Yea, unfortunately this is becoming the new trend with games! I am against dlc and have only bought dlc 1 time! This is getting outta control.

r1sh122841d ago

@despair - it was the same case with MW2. A couple of the maps were on the disc but were not finished, hence why the download for the DLC was soo small.
I dont mind that they are releasing DLC but in bulletstorm they need more gametypes. Just anarchy gets repetitive, its fun at first but after a while it gets annoying because someone who doesnt know what they are doing mess up the skillshots.
Happens too much

despair2841d ago

yea I agree with that Bulletstorm DLC needs variety but I was speaking on DLC on the whole. For Bulletstorm, I beat the entire game and played through most of the Echoes but got bored after that, haven't even played anarchy, although I will try it out soon enough.

The game is good but has no legs whatsoever and they have a good opportunity to add new modes and game types with DLC. Lets hope they do so and not just Echoes and Anarchy maps.

r1sh122841d ago

I completed the campaign last night..Im trying to find a few people to get on bulletstorm (ones that know what they are doing)...
But yea it can get boring after a while.
A couple of friends have it but we are never on at the same time....
Anarchy is good, but youre gonna get morons who have no clue what they are doing..YOu will end up replaying a few levels more than once.

yaz2882841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

in this whole gen, I never downloaded any single dlc for any of my games ,

I just don't care for this shit unless it's free

Boon Tarkas2841d ago

With financial constraint and discipline like that, I should hire you to be my accountant.

Sheesh last night I was on the Marketplace looking for a sweater to buy to put on my avatar pug dog.

yaz2882841d ago (Edited 2841d ago )

lol man its not like I am saving money by not buying dlc or any other of the online crap

I am just not interested


SwiftShot2841d ago

If there better then the ones on right now Ill buy them, I feel the maps aren't at there full potential but then again I'm only decent at the game. :D