Batman: Arkham City release date spotted

New Game Network: "It seems fans of Batman might finally get a clue as to when to expect the return of the Caped Crusader to Arkham.

Multiple retailers this morning have updated their preorder listings for Batman: Arkham City, now featuring a prominent release date."

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chak_2844d ago

My '09 Goty, can't wait !

egidem2844d ago

October it is...Start the countdown clock...I can't wait to get my hands on this game. Time to go back and replay Arkham Asylum.

CaptainPunch2844d ago

That's a great release date, right before Halloween

Highlife2844d ago

I never got around to playing the game. After I played the demo I just didn't want to play it. I know that it got really good reviews but at least in the demo if felt like the fighting was all button mashing.

Was this game way better than the demo or did the demo not do the game justice. Let me know if I should add this to my que.

CaptainPunch2844d ago

There's more to the game than fighting, the story is really great. Give it another change.

Pozzle2843d ago

The demo was basically the beginning of the game with A LOT of content cut out. It didn't really show the game in it's glory at all, tbh.

You could probably button-mash your way through the first hour or so, but expect to get hit a lot of times if you do, especially when the gun and knife wielding enemies start appearing. The combat requires quite a bit of strategy and good timing (just try to beat the challenge rooms with button-mashing. You'll get your ass handed to you!). Once you've perfected hitting, ducking and dodging, you'll feel like the real goddamn Batman.

Highlife2843d ago

Thanks for the reply. I will add it to my que. Don't have alot of time to game so I don't want to waste my time on bad ones.

solidboss2844d ago

october 3rd is my birthday! if it releases then it would make a great gift

Excalibur2843d ago

Agreed and that October 3rd date has been on Amazon for over a month now.

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