Protester argues against modchip raids, gets unrelated copypasta in return

Destructoid have complained many times about the use of federal law to crack down on videogame piracy, or indeed, any piracy. As far as they're concerned, until online pedophile rings have been dealt with and terrorists aren't able to operate under the government's nose, there is absolutely no excuse for Homeland Security to waste its resources targetting such minor 'crimes' as game machine modification.

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Lumbo4093d ago

When will people understand that you don't get lobbyist money for searching terrorists or child-abusers, you get lobbyist cash for helping out with some scare tactic raids on garage shops though, as the RIA and its lookalike software clones pay a healthy bonus for fighting the people on behalf of their corporate gains.

And if you believe (damn, that word is seriously overused due to Halo3 marketing) that your representative actually READS what you send to him/her you are a dreamer. Those letters get "answered" by low pay letter monkeys, prolly cheap mexican illegals that only have basic english language skills.

"my dias segnior, DMCA, fair use, ... oh, click Internet radio standard letter"