PCWorld: Is Apple's iPad 2 a Nintendo-Sony-Microsoft Killer?

PCWorld op-ed asks: "Is Apple's splashy new iPad 2 a threat to game systems like the 3DS, NGP, Xbox 360, and PlayStation 3? Is Apple positioning itself to grab huge swathes of gamers away from Microsoft, Nintendo, and Sony?"

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DeeZee2695d ago

No, there different devices. I'm buying an iPad 2, but I'm more excited for the NGP.

limewax2695d ago

iPad will never be a gaming device to me, no matter how much people try to force it down my throat, A gaming device to me will always be a console/rig wired into a TV/Monitor. Handhelds can be fun, but iPad etc are becoming more a fashion accessory with how often they release

Istanbull2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )

iPad and iPhones are not gaming devices, no matter how hard the media tries, it will never be a gaming handheld.


1st: it lacks BUTTONS, the sole reason and existence of gaming. If you got no buttons, you are not in the same league.

2nd: every year, a new iPad releases with better this and better that. While a REAL gaming handheld is on the market for couple of years.

3rd: PRICE, why the f*ck would I pay 600 bucks for a tablet just to play games when I can get a NGP+3DS for the same price?

4rd: GAMES: iPad and iPhone games SUCK, I tried playing Resident Evil and CoD, lol it SUX!

iPad/iPhone games are little Arcade flash-like games: Fieldrunners, Flightcontrol, Angry Birds etc.

Yeah right, you can compete with the PSP Minis segment.

tmoss7262695d ago

@istanbull better yet, you could get a any combination of the two of NGP/3DS/360/PS3.

a08andan2695d ago (Edited 2695d ago )


If you want to argue that those devices aren't gaming devices, then your reasons should look like the following:

1st: The Ipad doesn't have buttons. Buttons enables a larger variety in control-schematics that are required for more complicated games. From a hardcore point of view, the games on devices like Ipad aren't in the same league as dedicated gaming handhelds.

2nd: Every year a new Ipad is released with better specifications. A dedicated handheld is essentially the same for a number of years which ensures the ability to play all games that are made for what you buy.

3rd: Is it really possible to justify a price of $600 and saying that Ipad is for gaming, when you can get an NGP and a 3DS (which are dedicated handhelds) for the same price?

4th: Is it possible to have any other types of games than the "quick fix"-kinda type on the Ipad? Can you have games for all types of players on the Ipad?

You have valid points, but the way you present them is purely based on opinion. Valid opinions as they may be, simply saying that things "suck" is not gonna help your case.

I'm just trying to help your cause, to give you some constructive criticism :)

gamesmaster2695d ago

at the asking price i wouldnt be surprised if the ipad 2 has trouble "killing" the ipad 1 tbh

Christopher2695d ago

I don't get the leap in logic from calling the iPad 2 a killer of any sort if the first one wasn't as such already.

The improvements are not such that they gain much in the way of any additional advantage over Nintendo/Sony/Microsoft in comparison to the iPad.

EYEamNUMBER12695d ago

no remember how everyone was asking the same thing about the first ipad

so how did that turn out?
yeah i didn't think so

Blaze9292695d ago

Don't be stupid. I hate website that make stupid ass articles.

AWBrawler2695d ago

as awesome as iPad 2 seems. (I will be getting one soon) I doubt it will run off a dedicated gaming system, but i don't think they should care, because Apple is a beast in the computer world

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StbI9902695d ago

Although im fond into the ipad2...doesnt left nothing to say but...

Ipad2 is simply what will kill the ipad LOL

OneWorld2695d ago

"iPad 2" ain't killing sh*t.

B1663r2695d ago

This iPad, it doesn't replace your phone, your computer, your laptop, your tv, your books, your newspapers, your magazines, or your videogame console yet it performs all of these tasks in a substandard way.

I don't get it, but if I had 800 dollars to burn on absolutly nothing else, I would consider buying one.

SoapShoes2695d ago

Lol, no one buys an iPad for games. Heck it's not even good for a computer.

protekjv2695d ago

any i"device", has never killed any other device.

B1663r2695d ago

The iPod killed the portable cassette and cd player, but after that, yeah, I am having trouble seeing any other iDevice as anything other than mildly interesting...

Sprud2695d ago

Portable cassette/CD players were dead long before iPod released. People had been using various MP3 players for many years already. Also there was MiniDisc in between.

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